White Elephant

Date: Tuesday December 4
Time: 7pm
Where: Student Recreation Center Pool
Cost: FREE

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Participants play pool games to earn tickets. At the end of the evening, everyone who participated will line up, from least to highest number of tickets. Wrapped prizes will be set up on 2 tables inside the pool area. The participants in the front of the line have first dibs on whatever prize they want. They must unwrap the prize and everyone gets to see what he/she has won. The participants who have earned the most amount of tickets can steal a prize that someone else has won. Therefore the person with the most tickets at the end of the night can chose any prize previously won or still on the table.

There will be food, music, and a raffle ($1 per ticket or $10 for an arms-length; proceeds go to charity)!

  • Games Being Played:
    1. Golf Driving Range (Participants have 10 shots. They have to hit the targets on the island in order to get tickets. The person with the highest amount of points will get bonus tickets.)
    2. 2-on-2 and 1-on-1 Basketball Games (Tickets for winners)
    3. 3-on-3 Volleyball games
    4. 1-on-1 Water Ping Pong
    5. Water Skee Ball
    6. Nerf Contest (participants hit targets around the pool for points)