Preview Week

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Fitness preview week will consist of several small demos of classes held in Multipurpose Rooms 1 and 2. The demos will be back to back each day allowing the opportunity for participants to try multiple classes within a small period of time. Participants will also be able to come in a few minutes before hand to talk with our instructors and get an idea of what the class entails. Participants are recommended to bring a towel, water and a bathing suit if they would like to try our aqua class Hydro Fit. Be sure to check out our new classes: Kickboxing, Miniband Mania, Sand Slam, and Barbell!

Group X Preview Week
4:00-4:20pm Barbell 3:00-3:20pm HardCORE 11:00-11:20am TRX
4:30-4:50pm Sand Slam 3:30-3:50pm KickBoxing 11:30-11:50am Barbell
5:00-5:20pm BJJ 4:00-4:20pm HydroFit 12:00-12:20pm HardCORE
5:30-5:50pm BJJ 4:30-4:50pm Insanity 12:30-12:50pm Zumba
6:00-6:20pm HydroFit 5:00-5:20pm Mini Band Mania 1:00-1:20pm TRX
6:30-6:50pm HydroFit 5:30-5:50pm Pilates 1:30-1:50pm HardCORE