Benchpress-Squat Competition

A flyer for the Bench Press and Squat Competition Spring 2015 Event's Landing Page

Date: March 24th
Time: 3:30pm - 6:30pm
Where: Student Recreation Center
Cost: FREE

Personal Training will be hosting our annual Bench Press / Squat competition at the Campus Recreation Center where the winner shall be crowned Montclair State’s strongest on campus. There will be a division for both males and females. The competition will utilize a point scoring system that takes into account the amount of weight lifted, the number of repetitions performed in good form, and the competitor’s body weight. This system will ensure an equal competition for everyone. The competitor will have 3 sets in which they will choose the amount of weight and then perform as many repetitions as possible (up to 15 repetitions are scored) and will have a rest period of up to 90 seconds between each set.

  • Each participant will be weighed before the lift
  • The pressing motion must be done in a perpendicular plane (upper arms, from shoulders to elbows, must be exactly 90 degrees from the torso)
  • Grip must be shoulder width apart. With the bar lying across the chest, and hands gripping the bar, forearms must be perpendicular to the floor (elbows at 90 degrees)
  • Range of motion: bar must touch the chest with the hands adjacent to the chest at the “bottom” of the range of motion, and elbows must be fully extended at the “top”. FULL LOCKOUT MUST BE ACHIEVED
  • The movement must be continuous, you are not allowed to rest the bar on your chest or rest in top of lockout position
  • You many not bounce the bar off your chest
  • If the lifter begins to struggle, the spotter (personal trainer) will give the lifter a chance to complete the lift. However if the bar ceases to ascend, begins to descend or the lifter’s form falters, the spotter will help the lifter rack the weight. This repetition will not be counted.
  • Back and hips must stay on the bench/seat at all times
  • Feet must stay on the ground at all times
  • Hyperextension/extreme arching of the lower back will not be allowed
  • Any deviation from the rules stated above will result in disqualification
  • A maximum of 15 repetitions will be scored for each set
  • Weightlifting belts, wrist straps, gloves, chalk, long sleeve shirts, and bench press suits will NOT be permitted
  • Participants will warm-up in the fitness center at their own discretion for as long as they choose Once a participant is ready to compete, he or she should consult a fitness assistant/referee


Bench Press:
  • 1st Place - Fitbit Charge
  • 2nd Place - Polar HR Monitor
  • 3rd Place - Nike Duffel Bag
  • 1st Place - Beats Headphones
  • 2nd Place - Fitbit Flex
  • 3rd Place - Fitness Gift Basket including Jump Rope, Foam Roller, and Shaker Cup