Nutritional Counseling

   Student Faculty/Staff 
 Personal Training Client   $20 for 2 sessions $20 for 2 sessions 
$48 for 6 sessions $48 for 6 sessions
Non-Personal Training Client   $25 for 2 sessions   $25 for 2 sessions
$60 for 6 sessions $60 for 6 sessions


     Nutrition Student Interns do not diagnose disease or prescribe dietary or food supplement changes. Additionally, the Nutrition Student Interns are not Registered Dietitians. You should consult a Physician before undergoing any dietary or food supplement changes. Any recommendations you follow for changes in diet, including but not limited to the use of food supplements are entirely your responsibility.

     The Initial Consultation Request Form packet for Nutrition Counseling can be found in the Personal Training Office. Interested nutritional counseling clients should fill out, tear off, and leave the first page in the Personal Training Office upon picking up the packet.