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  • A photo of Lifeguard Olympics‌ Lifeguard Olympics
  • A photo for Dive-In Movie Event‌ Dive-In Movie
  • An image of cardboard canoe race‌ Cardboard Canoe Race


  • A photo of Yoga Glow‌ Yoga Glow
  • a photo for the image gallery page‌ Hawk on Wheels Poker Ride
  • A photo of Yoga Yogurt‌ Yoga and Yogurt

Intramural and Club Sports

  • a photo for the image gallery page‌ Indoor Soccer Tournament
  • A photo of Intramural Kickoff 2016‌ Intramural Kickoff
  • A photo of 3v3 Basketball Tournament ‌ 3v3 Basketball Tournament

Outdoor Adventure

  • A photo of camping trip ‌ Camping Trip
  • A photo of Adirondacks 2016‌ Adirondack Variety Trip
  • A photo for Indoor Climbing‌ Indoor Rock Climbing


  • a facebook gallery photo for the recboard page‌ Red Hawk Run
  • Another linked Facebook photo from the Bingo Spring 2015 event Facebook photo album‌ Bingo
  • a facebook gallery photo for the recboard page‌ Human Hungry Hungry Hippos

Special Events

  • A photo of Pumpkin Painting 2015‌ Pumpkin Painting
  • A photo of Yankees Game‌ Yankees Game
  • A photo of Winter Palooza‌ Winter Palooza
  • A photo of Special Friends Day 2015‌‌ Special Friends Day
  • A photo for the Spaghetti Social 2015‌ Spaghetti Social
  • A photo of Medieval Times 2015‌ Medieval Times