About Us

Mission Statement

Health Promotion provides education, outreach and advocacy to enhance the health of all students, faculty and staff. This is accomplished through advances in health promotion theory and research, excellence in health education practices and the promotion of public policies conducive to health.

We strive to:

  • Eliminate health disparities in the student population
  • Increase culturally competent health promotion services
  • Utilize best practices in health promotion and disease prevention
  • Describe the relationships between health status, student retention and academic success
  • Utilize theoretical and evidence-based methods of health promotion

Healthy Promotion Objectives*

  • Develop health-related programs and policies that support student learning.
  • Incorporate health promotion initiatives into academic research, courses and programs.
  • Develop and participate in campus community partnerships that advance health.
  • Advocate for campus, local, state and national policies that address campus and community health issues.
  • Utilize campus and community resources to maximize the effectiveness of health promotion.
  • Identify the social, cultural, political and economic disparities that influence the health of students.
  • Design health promotion initiatives that reflect the social, cultural, political, and economic diversity of students.
  • Review health promotion research from interdisciplinary sources as a guide for the development of health promotion services.
  • Apply professionally recognized methods and tested theories to the development of health promotion.
  • Review data gathered from published research on campus, local, state and national health priorities.
  • Conduct population-based assessments of health status, needs, and assets of students.
  • Evaluate health promotion initiatives using valid and reliable quantitative and qualitative approaches.
  • Apply ethical principles to the practice of health promotion.

*Based upon the Standards of Practice in Health Promotion In Higher Education.