Meet Our Advocates

‌‌A photo of Diana Alleyne

Diana Alleyne

Diana is currently a freshman who is studying Public Relations. Her pronouns are she, her, and hers. She became a Peer Advocate because she loves what it stands for and believes that there are many aspects of health that often go unnoticed. The Office of Health Promotion helps to shine a light on those topics. She is passionate and firm believer of mental and spiritual health. She considers herself a hugger, loves theater and tea, and knows every line from the movie “Dan in Real Life.” After she graduates, she wants to travel the world and make the world a better place in every way she can through various forms of communication, media, and the performing arts.

A photo of Rebecca Lindner

Rebecca Lindner

Rebecca is a junior studying Nutrition and Food Science with a concentration in Food Systems. She became a Peer Advocate to help her gain experience in promoting health to the community, which she generally wants, pursue in life. In her spare time, she loves to sing, play guitar and piano, cook, and hang out with friends. In the future, she wants to incorporate all of her interests to inspire others to live healthy and happy lives!

A photo of Richard Logan

Richard Logan

Richard Logan is currently a senior majoring in Psychology. He plans on getting a PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology, so he can eventually become a professor. He became a peer advocate to provide resources of different centers on campus and promote healthier lifestyle choices to his fellow peers. In his free time, Richard enjoys playing guitar, listening to music, watching Netflix, reading, and playing video games.

Caroline Camarena

Caroline Camarena

Caroline is currently a junior and is majoring in Child Advocacy and minoring in Social Work and Psychology. She became a Peer Advocate to become more involved on campus and meet new people, but also because she has a love and desire for helping others and making a difference in people’s lives.  She enjoys spending time with family and friends and is very passionate about her Dominican culture and breaking down stereotypes.  After graduating from Montclair State University, she plans to continue her education and get her Master’s in Counseling. Ultimately, her goal is to become a guidance counselor for middle school or high school students.

Christy Campbell

Christy Campbell

Christy is a junior majoring in Public Health with a concentration in Community Health Education. She spends her free time working out, watching Grey's Anatomy, and spending time with friends and family. She believes being a Peer Advocate will be her stepping stone in to her career path, plus she truly enjoys helping others find their path as well. In the future, she plans on getting her Masters of Public Health Administration and achieving her career goal of becoming the lead administrator in a non-profit hospital. Christy cannot wait to see where life leads her!

A photo of Michelle Castillo

Michelle Castillo

Michelle is currently a junior majoring in Biology. She became a Peer Advocate to help educate the Montclair State University community on the importance of maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle as well as hoping to introduce oral health awareness on campus. She enjoys singing, playing the trumpet, and playing volleyball. After graduation, Michelle plans on pursuing a career in Dental Medicine.

A photo of Triss Dryl

Triss Dryl

Triss Dryl is a junior studying Public Relations and Health Communication with a minor in Public Health. After graduation, Triss would like to pursue a career within the healthcare field either community or corporate oriented. Triss became a Peer Advocate because she firmly believes in empowering, encouraging, and helping others. She strives to promote wellness across the campus community along with engaging a smart, safe and active campus culture. She is a strong supporter of having a balance between the mind and body.  She supports this through promoting body acceptance, stress relief, and fitness. In her free time, Triss enjoys exercising, spending time with friends, DIY crafts, baking, and welcoming prospective students to campus through her job as an Admissions Ambassador.

Daniel Lopinto

Daniel Lopinto

Daniel is currently a sophomore History major, who is aspiring to become a high school history teacher.  He is also considering doing a minor in Political Science.  He is passionate about helping people and getting involved in the Montclair State University campus community.  He decided to become a Peer Advocate to gain experience working with others and to get more involved on campus.  The Peer Advocate position will also help him build lasting connections and friendships.  Some things he is passionate about are his friends and family, sports (he loves the New York Giants), food, helping people, and wildlife.  His favorite movie is “Free Willy.”  He loves to travel as he has been to many different European countries.  In the past two summers, he has worked as a camp counselor at the Seaton Hackney Stables' riding stables near his home in Morristown, New Jersey.  This has helped him gain a lot of experience and appreciation working with kids and horses.  After graduation, he hopes to become the best teacher he can be and live life to the fullest.

A photo of Ignacio Dominis

Ignacio Dominis

Ignacio is currently working on his Master in Theater Studies. His interest in human behavior and non-verbal communication played a main part in his decision to become a Peer Advocate. He worked in two different theater companies as an actor and production assistant. He also played an important role as an advisor and counselor with teenagers at the same theater companies. After completing his Master’s program, Ignacio hopes to become a successful producer and director and to use his skills and creativity in the field of theater. Ignacio enjoys reading, writing, having a cup of coffee, and practicing his magic skills.

A photo of Gabriela Galvez

Gabriella Galvez

Gabriela is currently a junior majoring in Public Health with a concentration in Community Health Education. She became a Peer Advocate after working with students over the summer and realizing she wanted to educate others about a range of health topics. She enjoys learning more about the topics herself and then providing that information to the campus community. She is also a proud Montclair State EOF student. Some of her hobbies include learning about different cultures, listening to music, spending time with friends and family, and reading. After graduating, she hopes to pursue her Master’s in Public Health and work in global health education.

A photo of Jessica Idumonyi

Jessica Idumonyi

Jessica is in her senior year as a Molecular Biology major with a minor in Psychology. One of her main reasons in becoming a Peer Advocate was to help promote overall health and wellness, two things she believes are essential to having a successful college career. Outside of school, Jessica spends a lot of time volunteering at hospitals, animal shelters, and homeless shelters. She is also a member of Montclair Miracles. In the future, Jessica hopes to work in genetic research.

A photo of Laura Infield

Laura Infield

Laura is a freshman who plans on majoring in Biology and Public Health. Her interest in helping people and promoting various health topics such as safer sex and stress motivated her to become a Peer Advocate. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, surfing, and painting. In the future, she plans on applying to a nursing program and becoming a labor and delivery or pediatric nurse.

A photo of Ebony Laboy

Ebony Laboy

Ebony is a junior studying both Public Health and Nutrition.  After graduation, she plans on continuing her education in a Master’s program studying Holistic Health. She became a Peer Advocate because she loves teaching her peers about all aspects of health. She enjoys being involved on campus. In her free time, she likes to do practice yoga and meditating.

A photo of Surat Lasisi

Surat Lasisi

Surat is currently a junior studying Public Health as her major with a concentration in Community Health Education. She plans on getting her Master’s in Public Health or Master’s in Public Health Administration, so she can work in public health management in a hospital and work her way up to administration. Surat became a Peer Advocate because she wanted to understand her placement in society as a Public Health major and get more involved in her field work. She also wanted to use her outgoing personality to help promote healthy lifestyle throughout campus. Some of her hobbies include playing basketball, spending time with her friends and family, listening to music, writing poetry, and as well as traveling. Her culture is truly important to her and she loves to embrace it.

A photo of Zaynah Mahon

Zaynah Mahon

Zaynah Mahon is a senior pursuing a degree in Psychology and has the goal of attaining her Doctorate in Clinical and Counseling Psychology. She decided to become a Peer Advocate because she has a strong passion for helping others and spreading information about health to her campus community. Outside of being a Peer Advocate, Zaynah enjoys performing with her dance company and teaching dance to college students. She also enjoys yoga, Zumba, and other fun ways to work out. After graduation, she hopes to go on to get her Master’s and become a therapist for teenagers and young adults.

Alvin Mathew

Alvin Mathew

Alvin was former active duty Marine and is now a junior studying Biology at Montclair State University. He became a Peer Advocate to help spread the advantages of living a healthy lifestyle. In his spare time, he enjoys working on cars, working out, and playing guitar. Alvin plans on going to Marine Corps OCS after earning his degree and returning to the Marines as an officer.

Ciarra McLean

Ciarra McLean

Ciarra is a junior majoring in Fashion Studies. She became a Peer Advocate because she loves empowering individuals to make health conscious decisions in their everyday lives. She is passionate about promoting body acceptance and self-love through fashion choices. In her spare time, Ciarra is an avid reader and cupcake enthusiast. After graduation, she hopes to enter the fashion industry and promote wellness by combining fashion and technology.

A photo of Rishi Jain

Rishi Jain

Rishi is currently a junior and studying Justice Studies with a minor in Sociology. Rishi really enjoys being involved on campus, which helps him expand his skills and knowledge in leadership, while working with other peers to build a successful working and learning environment. Rishi became a Peer Advocate because he found that promoting a healthy lifestyle amongst college students is essential because it can help balance their stress and become more involved on campus. He wants to educate and provide resources to those who need emotional and physical help as a college student. Rishi is also part of the Justice Studies Club and The Office of Residential Life as an SA (Service Assistant). These positions help him form unity and strength when it comes to working with other students and peers to become a better team player. On his free time, Rishi enjoys playing hockey, eating out in the city, watching movies, and travelling with family. His family is his biggest inspiration and would not be here without their support. For the future, Rishi hopes to pursue a career in Law Enforcement since he was 12 years old because he liked the idea of having a career that would help other people in life other than his family and friends.

A photo of Jessica Marino

Jessica Marino

Jessica is a junior majoring in Public Health. She became a Peer Advocate to become more involved with the campus and to help promote healthier lifestyles. Jessica enjoys reading, crafts, and taking on new adventures. After graduation, she hopes to continue her education in getting her Master’s and Doctoral degree in Human Sexuality.

A photo of Emma Opthof

Emma Opthof

Emma is a junior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Public Health. She became a Peer Advocate because she loves learning about all of the different health topics and enjoys sharing the knowledge and resources with others to help them live healthier, happier lives. In her spare time, Emma likes to play guitar and ukulele, sing, exercise, and spend time outside. After graduation, she would like to go to graduate school for either a Master's in Social Work or a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

A photo of Michelle Paschoal

Michelle Paschaol

Michelle is a senior studying Nutrition and Food Science, concentrating in Dietetics. After graduation, she plans to obtain an internship and become a Registered Dietician. Michelle wants to have her own organization and become a motivational speaker, so that she is able to help young women in their journeys to overall health and wellness. She became a Peer Advocate because she cares about helping others and wants to promote health and happiness to others. She loves to read, play guitar, knit, workout, and cook healthy food.

A photo of Stephanie Rahn

Stephanie Rahn

Stephanie is currently a senior majoring in Marketing & Management. She became a Peer Advocate because she wanted to help promote a healthy lifestyle for the Montclair State campus community. She would like to provide a helping hand to those in need by giving them resources on campus. She is also a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority. After graduation, she hopes to become a Marketing Correspondent.

A photo of Jamie Tibaldo

Jamie Tibaldo

Jamie is currently a sophomore studying Psychology with a minor in Social Work. After graduation, she plans on getting her Master’s degree and ultimately becoming a therapist. Jamie became a Peer Advocate because she wants to learn more about different health topics and make sure students understand how important it is to be healthy and to be able to love yourself. In her spare time, she loves to go to the gym and spend time with her friends.

A photo of Kristen Williams

Kristen Williams

Kristen is currently a junior studying Nutrition and Food Science with minors in Public Health and Psychology. She became a Peer Advocate because she wanted to promote healthy living and be a positive influence and resource for other students at Montclair State University. After graduation, she hopes to get a job in the Nutrition field helping individuals who are overcoming eating disorders.