Meet Our Advocates

‌‌A photo of diana alleyne‌‌

Diana Alleyne

Diana is currently a sophomore who is a Public Relations and Spanish double major with an Arabic minor. Her pronouns are she, her, and hers. She is a second year Peer Advocate who loves what Health Promotions stands for and has accomplished.  Diana is passionate about mental and spiritual health. She’s a Libra who is immensely indecisive, loves taking pictures of her brunch and believes the most important thing a person can have is an open-mind. After she graduates, she wants to travel the world and make the world a better place in every way she can through various forms of communication, media, and the performing arts.

A photo of Julie Attys

Julie Attys

Julie is currently a junior and a Public Health major. She plans to pursue a Master’s in Global Health so that she can travel the world and help people in need.  Julie is very passionate about helping people and making the world a better place.  She is happy to be part of The Office of Health Promotion because being a Peer Advocate is giving her the opportunity to help her peers on campus.  During her spare time, Julie loves to sing, do makeup, and read.  Overall, she is excited to learn and wants to do anything she can to help her peers! !

Caroline Camarena

Caroline Camarena

Caroline is currently a senior at Montclair State University.  She is currently majoring in Child Advocacy and Policy, while also double minoring in Social Work and Psychology. She became a Peer Advocate to become more involved on campus and meet new people, but also because she has a love and desire for helping others and making a difference in people’s lives.  She enjoys spending time with family and friends and is very passionate about her education and desires as well as her Dominican culture and breaking down stereotypes.  After graduating from Montclair State University, she plans to continue her education and get her Master’s in Social Work to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  Her ultimate goal is to do counseling with middle school or high school students while also promoting public health in everything she does.

A photo of Nicole Canchucaja

Nicole Canchucaja

Nicole is a senior majoring in Public Health with a minor in Public Administration.  She joined the Health Promotion team because she is passionate about health and wellness and wanted to give back to the MSU community.  As a Peer Advocate, Nicole hopes to spread awareness on healthy eating and provide de-stressing tools for students.  She is also a member of the Pretty Girls Sweat organization which promotes and empowers women to exercise and incorporate fitness into one’s lifestyle.  After graduation, she plans to start her career in Health Policy and attend graduate school for Health Policy.

A photo of Paola Cordoba

Paola Cordoba

Paola is currently a sophomore and is majoring in Public Health.  Her pronouns are she, her, and hers.  She believes Public Health is the future.  She plans on applying what she learns as a Peer Advocate in her everyday life. She also believes that a healthy lifestyle is the key to happiness. Her main goal is to provide the tools and resources for everyone to be healthy and happy. Her hobbies include hiking, reading and telling everyone how amazing tea is. She wants to get her PhD in Public Health, and hopefully travel all around the world.

A photo of Daniel Cyckowski

Daniel Cyckowski

Daniel Cyckowski is currently a senior, and this is his third year with Health Promotion. As a History major in the Education Program, he enjoys creating presentations, researching different health topics, facilitating workshops, and brainstorming with other Peer Advocates to come up with different ways to reach out to the unique Montclair campus community. Daniel is also a Resident Assistant, President of his Honor Fraternity, and President of the History Honor Society.

A photo of Dominique Douthit

Dominique Douthit

Dominique is a second year advocate studying Communications and Gender, Sexuality and Women studies. She is a student assistant for Residence Life and facilitates workshops for the Bystander Intervention Program. She became a Peer Advocate because she has a passion for helping students in any way possible and loves providing service to the community. She plans on attaining her master’s degree directly after graduation while establishing her career, and eventually work toward her PhD. In her spare time she also works for Nike, tutors students, and spends any time that she has left in the gym.

A photo of Anthony Ferrer

Anthony Ferrer

Anthony is an anticipated graduate of 2017, who is a Psychology major and a Child Advocacy Certificate candidate. Outside of the classroom, he is a state-wide performing magician who also loves to read, run, play soccer, watch and critique Disney and Pixar movies. Anthony became a Peer Advocate to promote mental health awareness and how physical health affects students’ minds. Anthony hopes to continue his education to eventually obtain his Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology to become a practicing child and adolescent psychologist.

A photo of Kimberly Finkler

Kimberly Finkler

Kimberly is currently a sophomore planning on majoring in Family and Childhood Studies with a minor in Public Health. She decided to become a Peer Advocate because she has a passion for helping others and wants to promote health across campus so that students can be happy and healthy.  In her spare time, Kimberly enjoys being active by playing softball and going on hikes.  She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends. After graduation, she hopes to become an Elementary School Teacher.

A photo of Gabriela Galvez

Gabriella Galvez

Gabriela is currently a senior majoring in Public Health with a concentration in Community Health Education. After graduating from Montclair, she plans on pursing her Master’s in Public Health and then work in the healthcare field.  Specifically, Gabriela wants to work in the field of women’s health and mental health. She became a Peer Advocate to help the campus community become more aware of health and to learn about a range of health topics. In her free time, she likes to read, go to concerts, watch movies, and hang out with her family and friends.

‌‌A photo of Desiree Habersham

Desiree Habersham

Desiree is currently a sophomore majoring in Business Administration with a Concentration in Hospitality Management and has a goal of attaining her Master’s in Business Administration. She decided to become a Peer Advocate because she loves outreaching to her peers about public health. Desiree loves to learn new things, not only for herself, but to educate others. Her hobbies are watching Netflix, dancing and traveling. Desiree is also a Crossing Guard, Admissions Ambassador, Montclair State Dance Company’s Treasurer and a SGA Legislature. One of her favorite quotes to live by is, “Imagine all the wonderful things that will never happen if you do not do them.” –Ellie Fredrickson

A photo of Laura Infield

Laura Infield

Laura is a sophomore who plans on majoring in Nursing with a minor in Public Health.  Her interest in various health topics such as safer sex and stress management promoted her to return to Health Promotion as a Peer Advocate. She aspires to become a pediatric oncology nurse or labor and delivery nurse. In her free time, she enjoys surfing, painting, and eating Chipotle.

A photo of Ebony Laboy

Ebony Laboy

Ebony is currently a senior studying Public Health and Nutrition.  After graduation, she plans on continuing her education in a Master’s program. She ultimately wants to create programs to enhance the health of communities.  She became a Peer Advocate because she likes being involved on campus and she loves teaching her peers about all the aspects of health.  In her free time, she likes to go to the group x classes, read, and meditate.

A photo of Paige Lee

Paige Lee

Paige is currently a senior studying Nutrition and Food Science with a concentration in Applied Nutrition and Public Health.  After graduation, she plans on continuing her education in a Master’s program studying Sports Nutrition. She became a Peer Advocate because she believes that it is important to promote health and wellness to all college students.  She likes to spend her free time watching college sports, listening to music, shopping, and working out.

A photo of Rebecca Lindner

Rebecca Lindner

Rebecca is in her senior year of her undergraduate career. She is majoring in Nutrition and Food Science with a concentration in Food Systems and a minor in Public Health. She chose to intern at Health Promotion because she was previously a Peer Advocate and wanted to do even more to impact the health of students on MSU's campus! She expects to graduate in May 2017 and afterward would like to pursue a master’s degree in Public Health. Working at Health Promotion has been her favorite part of her time here at MSU, and she loves the fact that she has impacted the lives of students.

A photo of Richard Hernandez Lopez

Richard Hernandez Lopez

Richard is currently a freshman in the field of Psychology. He plans to major in Psychology and attend Psychiatric Medical School. In the future, he wants to become a psychiatrist for kids with special mental disorders.  Richard believes being a Peer Advocate will help him build connections and learn about many health issues.  Additionally, as a Peer Advocate, he will promote healthy choices and make healthier choices for himself as well.  During the summer, Richard works as a counselor at his local church for children of ages 3-12.

Daniel Lopinto

Daniel Lopinto

Daniel is currently a junior and history major, who plans on teaching at the middle or high school level after graduating from MSU.  He is passionate about working with people and getting involved in the Montclair State University campus community.  He decided to become a Peer Advocate to become more involved in the campus community and to develop his professional skills.  The Peer Advocate position will also help him build lasting connections and friendships.  Some things he is passionate about are his friends and family, sports (he loves the New York Giants), food, helping people, and wildlife.  His favorite movie is Free Willy.  He loves to travel as he has been to many different European countries.  After graduation, he hopes to become the best teacher he can be, live life to the fullest, and travel when given the opportunity.

 A photo of Amanda Perez

Amanda Perez

Amanda is currently a junior at Montclair State University.  She is an English major and plans on becoming a high-school English teacher.  Her favorite poem is “To Autumn” by John Keats and her favorite book is Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.  She enjoys playing with her dog (or any dog), watching TV shows like Parks and Recreation and Grey’s Anatomy, and is an avid believer in self-love and self-care.  If she had to choose one meal to eat for the rest of her life, it would be either mac and cheese or waffles.  You can ask her about books, television, or just about anything else.  While she is at Montclair, her goal is to become as open-minded and accepting as possible.

A photo of Carmen Rosario

Carmen Rosario

Carmen is currently a freshman at Montclair State University and is majoring in biology. She is expecting to graduate in 2020 and her career aspiration after college is to become a nurse. She loves to read, swim and eat food during her time off. She love’s traveling to new places and interacting with people from different backgrounds.

A photo of Debree Rucker

Debree Rucker

Debree is currently a freshmen majoring in Family & Child Studies. In her free time, she enjoys binge watching Glee and Grey’s Anatomy, reading her favorite books, and relaxing with friends.  She has a background in volunteer work and has a passion for helping people.  Specifically, Debree wanted to become a Peer Advocate because she believes in assisting people and informing them about their resources on and off campus. In the future, she plans on becoming a High School Guidance Counselor and making a difference among the lives of inner-city teens.  Her favorite quote is, “If you can change at least one person’s life, you’ve done your part in changing the world.”

A photo of George Smith

George Smith

George is currently a sophomore and is studying Psychology. George loves being involved on campus and getting to work in various departments and organizations to further develop himself as a student leader. George’s involvement on campus ranges from Residence Life as an RA (Resident Assistant) in Machuga Heights, the Center for Advising and Student Transitions as Peer Leader, the Student Government Association as the President Pro Tempore, Team Rocky as a Handler, the Bystander Intervention Program as a Peer Facilitator through the Dean of Students Office and then finally Health Promotion as a Peer Advocate. George became a Peer Advocate because he saw the importance of promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and advocating for self-care among the student body and faculty. Throughout his involvement, he has learned that communication and honesty are key in helping multiple groups function in and outside the work setting. In his free time George loves to hang out with his friends, play video games, watch Netflix, swimming at the Student Recreation Center and reading. In the future, George hopes to pursue a career in Psychology and obtain his doctorate.

A photo of Luis Torres

Luis Torres

As a junior majoring in both Psychology and Athletic Training, Luis is a student of many interests.  He joined Health Promotion in order to further promote healthy lifestyles for students on campus.  Luis is also a Building Manager at the Department of Campus Recreation and a Mental Health Ambassador at CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services). After his time at MSU, he plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Counseling, with a concentration in either Mental Health or School Counseling. Ultimately, Luis hopes to attain a doctorate and explore research opportunities in the realm of Sport Psychology.

A photo of Rian Weinstein

Rian Weinstein

Rian is a freshman, currently studying Food Science and Nutrition with a concentration in Food Systems. Prior to attending Montclair, Rian taught herself a lot about fitness and nutrition to help her on her weight loss journey.  Aside from her career, she hopes to one day help others get on a healthier path of life through proper nutrition and exercise. During her free time, Rian enjoys kickboxing, cooking, and hanging out with friends and family. She also loves watching movies, writing, and singing. Rian loves Health Promotion because it gives her a chance to pass her knowledge of nutrition on to others while promoting other wellness topics. Throughout her experience in the organization, she hopes to increase her speaking skills while gaining knowledge on various health topics.

A photo of Makena Wolcott

Makena Wolcott

Makena Wolcott is a freshman majoring in Psychology. She became a Peer Advocate to help spread awareness of healthier lifestyles and to end the stigma behind mental illness. Makena loves Disney (possibly way too much) and she hopes to participate in the Disney College Program.  After graduation, she wants to continue to work for the Walt Disney Company. Makena also loves to dance, sing, act, and read in her spare time.