Request a Program

Health Promotion offers two programming options:
Request a Health Promotion Speaker or Workshops-To-Go.

As part of Request a Health Promotion Speaker a staff member from the Health Promotion team will present an approximately 45 minute program to your class or organization. Due to scheduling our staff, please request a Health Promotion Speaker with 3-4 weeks advanced notice. To view a list of our programs and to request a speaker, please visit the Program Request Form page.

Workshops To-Go provide a ready-made program for anyone looking to hold a health-related workshop. Presenters who use a Workshop-To-Go can be confident that they will be sharing up-to-date and accurate health information with their audience. Please visit our Workshops-To-Go page for more information and to see a list of our current workshop topics.

Workshops To-Go:

These specially prepared workshops are designed to meet the increasing need for health related programs by student groups, especially Community Assistants (CA’s).  Health Promotion wants to empower you with up to date information, health facts, and campus resources. These kits provide step by step instructions on how to effectively facilitate the workshop, along with necessary handouts. To request a Workshop To-Go, contact a Health Promotion student staff member to schedule a 15 minute appointment to pick up the necessary materials and go over the workshop information.  Appointments can be made by calling 973-655-5271 or emailing  Please indicate which workshop you would like at the time of contact.  
  • Workshops include:

    • B.A.C Alcohol Awareness - Define terms & factors affecting Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), identify alcohol poisoning, and on-campus resources for alcohol related emergencies.
    • Healthy Relationships- Discuss the expectations for friendship, dating, and intimate relationships and identify characteristics of healthy relationships. Choose between two activities for this workshop.
    • HIV/AIDS 101- Identify the difference between HIV & AIDS, how HIV is transmitted, and methods for prevention and risk reduction.
    • Condoms 101- Increase knowledge about condom use and identify steps in using a condom correctly.
    • Stress Management- Identify personal stressors and discuss stress management techniques, including a guided meditation.