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· Dues:
         Fall and Spring Semester Seasons - $275
         One Semester Season - $170
· Schedule:
          Exact dates are to be determined.
          More games will be added into our schedule shortly.
          All games are triple headers.

  • Oct. 5 – Oct. 11: Away; at Rutgers University
  • Oct. 12 – Oct. 18: Home; Sacred Heart University
  • Oct. 26 – Nov. 01: Home; Lafayette College
  • Nov. 02 – Nov. 08: Home; Monmouth University
  • Apr. 04 – Apr. 10: Away; Hartwick College
  • Apr. 16 – Apr. 17: Tournament; University of Virginia

· Practice Time: TBD
· Constitution: View our club constitution here.
· Contact Information: Kylie Taylor

   Our team has been around for only four years. Although it may not seem long, we have drastically grown as a team. As a team, we take part in many activities on campus and have the opportunity to travel for games. We play schools like Rutgers, NYU, Monmouth, and Lafayette. Annually, we participate in a large club softball tournament at University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. We run a variety of fundraisers throughout the school year as well.

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    Richard Janiec has coached MSU Club Softball for the past two years. In the past, he has coached girls soccer for four years, coached girls basketball for six years in 2 high schools, coached girls softball for fourteen years, coached boys junior football for eight years, coached boys babe ruth baseball for four years, and three years of boys highschool basketball. He was also on the Recreation counsel for ten years for Wallington, New Jersey.

A photo for the club softball page

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Executive Board:
Kylie Taylor · Gionna Florey · Erin Lang · Casey Craft