Our Outdoor Adventure trips have limited spots available, and many trips fill up quickly. If a trip does fill, we will maintain a wait-list for anyone interested. There is no fee for putting your name on the wait-list. Like stand-by for flying, we HIGHLY encourage interested individuals to be at the Rec. Center prior to the trip departure, and we will accept individuals in to open spots first in the order of the wait-list, and next in the order of the time they sign in that morning. Payment for the trip occurs only if you get to participate.

Upcoming Trips

You can register in the front office of the Student Recreation Center or over the phone at 973-655-3340. Tickets can be purchased in the Student Recreation Center Office Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm or Saturday 11am - 5pm.

Breakneck Ridge Hike
Date: November 15

Time: 9:00am

Cost: Students $10;
Faculty/Staff/Community $30

Details: A challenging hike up steep inclines and over rock scrambles at Breakneck Ridge gives spectacular views of the Hudson River valley.
What to Bring: water, lunch, bug spray, sunscreen, layered clothing (depending on weather), sturdy shoes (NOT sneakers or flip-flops)
Potential Hazards: Poisonous plants/allergies, insect bites, unpredictable weather changes, sunburn/heat exhaustion, dehydration, steep, rocky, and/or slippery terrain, rolling or falling rocks, snakes and large animals, injuries including sprains/strains, abrasions, lacerations and fractures


Indoor Rock Climbing
Date: November 22

Time: 10:00am

Cost: Students $10;
Faculty/Staff/Community $30

Details: Organized trip to an indoor rock gym
What to Bring: sneakers/climbing shoes, water, lunch
Potential Hazards: injuries including abrasions, strains/sprains, lacerations and fractures


Adirondack Variety Trip
Date: January 9-12

Time: 10:00am

Cost: Students $100-$150;
Faculty/Staff/Community $325

Details: Check out the trip website for all of the details.
What to Bring: See Packing List/Expectations
Potential Hazards: Discussed at Pre­Trip Meeting: Wednesday, 12/10/14 at 3:00 PM


Past Trips

  • Hudson Highlands Gateway Park, Cortlandt, NY
    Difficulty: Easy
  • High Point Park, Sussex, NJ
    Difficulty: Moderate-Hard
  • Local River Canoe Trip