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What is RecBoard:

RecBoard is an exciting, student-run organization within Montclair State University’s Department of Campus Recreation. Since its founding in 1999, RecBoard has hosted a wide variety of Special Events and opportunities for community service, all in an effort to live up to its motto, “Have Fun, Get Involved, Make a Difference.” We hold general body meetings every Friday at 2:30pm in the Student Center Cafeteria B&C.

What makes us different?

  • Meetings are informal, are never boring, and are always full of energy, candy, and prizes.
  • We always do it BIG (Red Hawk Run Color Blast, Is the Price Right, Special Friends Day, Bingo, and much more!)
  • Each Special Event attracts anywhere from 150-400 students from across the campus community.
  • We offer various leadership and resume-building opportunities throughout the year for students looking to become more involved in campus life.
  • We play on several Intramural sports teams throughout the year.
  • We offer a wide variety of Community Service opportunities (Special Friends Day, participating and fundraising for charity walks, canned food collections, blanket-making).
  • We plan monthly off-campus outings to Applebee’s, go pumpkin picking in the fall, venture into NYC to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and more!

Recent Events

Recboard picture with Check for  Food Pantry

RecBoard presented a check to the Montclair State University's Red Hawk Pantry on May 10, 2017. Each year, RecBoard establishes their fundraising beneficiaries and this spring semester they chose to raise money for the University Food Pantry. At every Friday afternoon meeting and during all the spring events, RecBoard raised funds for the pantry. Enthusiastic students willingly contributed to RecBoard's efforts. The largest sum of money came from RecBoard's final event of the Spring Semester "The Red Hawk Run Color Blast." Donating a total of $1,210.00 to the Red Hawk Pantry. It is one of the largest donations to the University Food Pantry by a student organization.  RecBoard feels that it was important to give back to the students in need on campus and are very proud of the results of their efforts!


A photo of Stephen Blazejewski (President of RecBoard)

Stephen Blazejewski (President):

How long I’ve been with RecBoard: I have been an active member of RecBoard since the first day of my freshman year in 2013. I served as the Special Events Chair in my sophomore year (2014) and was elected as President of this amazing organization for the 2015-2016 school year. I am honored and humbled to have been elected as President again for the 2016-2017 school year; my last at Montclair State University!

Why I joined: I joined RecBoard originally because I came from a school where I was heavily involved in extra-curricular activities.  This organization appealed to me because there were such a wide variety of leadership positions that were available for me to assume and I saw so much potential for how the organization could be of benefit to me and my personal success at Montclair State. While all of this was and is still true, I have stuck with this organization because of the life-long friendships I have made not only with my Executive Board members, but the general members as well. These are people whom I love and would do anything for.

Favorite Memory: My favorite memory is still when when in the Spring of 2015, I planned our event “Is the Price Right”. There were over 400 students in attendance that night and each time the prizes were announced, they would scream out of excitement. When the Firefly Music Festival tickets were announced as the grand prize, people were jumping up and down in their seats. I have never heard a crowd of 400 people make so much noise. This event was extremely rewarding from start to finish and I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out.

A photo of Gabby (Public relations and Service Chair)

Gabrielle Raccosta (Vice President):

How long I’ve been with RecBoard: My sophomore year was when I really got involved in RecBoard. I was an active member, joining committees and attending all of our events. Then last year I was chosen to be the Public Relations and Service Chair where I organized our community service and extracurricular on- and off-campus activities. Now, I am privileged to serve as  the Vice President for the duration of my senior year.

Why I joined: I had a difficult time adjusting to college my freshman year –I was basically a hermit who only left her room for class and food. So going into my second year I decided to make a change. When I joined RecBoard I knew I had found my niche. I met amazing people and made wonderful friends. Becoming a part of RecBoard had an extraordinary impact on my college experience.

Favorite Memory: I have a lot of good memories, but I have to say my favorite is the first big RecBoard event I ever took part in –the 2014 Homecoming Showcase. I was still relatively new to RecBoard, but this is when I began to feel really connected to the organization and the people who encompassed it. We spent several hours together rehearsing our performance –all working so hard to achieve a common goal. I had so much fun performing our piece and when it was over I was proud of what we had accomplished as a team!  


A portrait of Emily for the RECBOARD page

Emily Schladebeck (Special Events Chair):

How long I’ve been with RecBoard: This will be my third year being a part of RecBoard. I was a general member the first two years, and this will be my first year serving on the Executive Board.

Why I joined: I joined RecBoard to become a part of a community. RecBoard is an amazing organization that welcomes new members with open arms and stays loyal to older members. I wanted to join the Executive Board so I could help maintain the positivity that RecBoard has shown in prior years.

Favorite Memory: : In the Spring of 2015, I was on the committee for one of our largest events, Is the Price Right. That was the first event I had helped in planning, and I learned how hard work pays off. Seeing  400 students on their feet, cheering for some of our amazing prizes, is extremely rewarding.


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Toni Jassel(Special Events Chair):

How long I’ve been with RecBoard: : I joined RecBoard at the beginning of my Freshman year, and have been an active member ever since. This upcoming year will be my first year holding an executive position.

Why I joined: I joined RecBoard because I am very passionate about the importance of networking and getting involved. RecBoard has provided me with countless opportunities to serve my fellow students on campus, and I am extremely grateful for that. The sense of community within this organization is unlike any other, and in my one year as a general member, I have made friends that will last a lifetime.

Favorite Memory: Playing intramural Volleyball is certainly my most cherished memory with RecBoard so far. Being extremely un-athletic, this provided me with an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, and do something I have never done before. It was so much fun participating in a sport without having to be afraid of messing up. I absolutely loved being a part of my FIRST EVER intramural sports team.

A portrait of Amanda for the RecBoard Page

Amanda Wood (Public Relations and Service Chair):

How long I’ve been with RecBoard: This is my third year involved with RecBoard and this will be my second year serving on the executive board.

Why I joined: I joined RecBoard because of how welcoming and inviting everyone was. RecBoard is an organization where you can be yourself and you do not have to worry about being judged.

Favorite Memory: My favorite memory would have to be Special Friends Day. Although the preperation involves countless hours and is exhausting, it is worth it. To be able to see the joy on the faces of the special friends, as well as their buddies, is so rewarding.


A photo of Emily

Emily Donohue (Marketing Chair):

How long I’ve been with RecBoard: This is my third year with RecBoard, and my second on the Executive Board.

Why I joined: I joined RecBoard because one SA in Bohn said it was a lot of fun and a great way to get involved. I made so many new friends throughout my experience that I decided to continue being a part of the executive board.

Favorite Memory: I honestly have so many amazing memories, but my favorite would probably be the CSI Family Dinners that we all attend on a monthly basis as RecBoard family. My favorite events also include the Oscars in the Pool party we held in 2014 and our trips to Medieval Times.

A portrait of tina for the RECboard page

Tina Urban (Campus Liaison):

How long I’ve been with RecBoard: This is my second year with RecBoard and it will be my first year as an Executive Board member.

Why I joined: I joined RecBoard because as a freshman I was looking to be more involved in campus clubs and activities. My dorm friends said I should join because RecBoard was awesome. They were right!

Favorite Memory:  My favorite memory is the 2015 Homecoming Dance because it was the first time I actually met everyone and I knew instantly that RecBoard was a great organization with wonderful members. Trying to show off my non-existent dance moves was fun and I loved sharing the experience with my new friends!




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