Trivia Bowl

Trivia bowl pictureDate: March 3rd
Time: 7pm
Where: SRC Main Gym
Cost: Free!
Sign-Up: After 1/15

Do you think you know way too much about the most random things?
You belong at Trivia Bowl! Teams of 3 will compete against each other, answering questions about almost every topic. So put your thinking caps on and be the champion of (otherwise) useless knowledge! Only teams of three people max. Free agents' teams will also get a point when they are placed on a team.

NOTE FOR ALUMNI TEAMS/PARTICIPANTS: Montclair State University alumni are eligible to participate in this year's Trivia Bowl.
However, alumni are NOT eligible for prize winnings and/or drawings.
Despite this, they are entitled to bragging rights galore. 

Sign up as a:

Team Free Agent

Check out our Facebook gallery of last year's Trivia Bowl: