Our summer fitness program banner.


  • Money will be earned by working out and participating in the weekly team activity
    • $1 per minute of working out
    • Each team member has a grid located at circle desk to keep track of the time they worked out. After each session, the gird must be initialed by the BM
  • A large version of the Recopoly board will be kept on the bulletin board, and smaller versions will be used to represent each team member, organized by team
  • In order to purchase property, you must email
  • Once a participant purchases a property, they will receive a sticker to place on that spot
  • Properties will cost half of the amount they are normally in the game of Monopoly
  • Check out the Recopoly Board to see what you can buy
  • The winner is the team with the greatest value of total purchased property

Weekly Activities

Team Standings