Alumni Network

As a student or career changer, how can I find people to talk to so that I can explore careers?

If I am an alum and I want to become a mentor, how do I volunteer?

Why should I network or find a mentor?

Good career decisions require information. The Center's career library has hundreds of books that describe occupations, and the Internet is an inexhaustable resource for finding out about careers, but reading is only a place to start. Talking to people in the field to find out more detailed information is invaluable.

To find a Mentor

1. First research an occupation in the career library or on the web.

2. Read our handout listing appropriate questions for an information interview in order to be well prepared. Don't forget to add your own questions.

3. Visit professional association web sites and visit the career section to learn if there are mentors who will share.

4. Connect with LinkedIn. (Visit our Youtube workshops to learn how.)

To become a Mentor

Join MONTCLAIRconnect, Montclair State University's online alumni community! What are the benefits?

  • Most importantly, you'll have the opportunity to network with fellow alumni worldwide, with the ability to search for classmates by name, class year, location, company and more. 
  • You'll also be able to remain abreast of the robust line-up of on and off campus events.
  • In addition, the Career Advisory Network gives you access to Montclairconnect's online mentoring program. 
  • Access to affinity groups, discussions groups, event photos and so much more are at your fingertips.  Join today.