Learn About Myself

Who Am I?

How can I learn more about myself and careers?

1. You might start by creating a list of all the "best moments" in your life - those things that made you feel good about yourself. Then see if you can find a consistent theme running through those moments. Were you being creative or were you in charge of something? Were you inventing some new way of approaching a problem? Were you using your speaking ability? Have a friend look at your list or come to the Center to talk about what you have discovered.

2. Use Focus-2, our licensed, career guidance and self assessment program.

3. Make an appointment to see a counselor by calling 973-655-5194.

4. You may also begin self and career exploration online, but remember that it is a good idea to work with a counselor as well.

The Holland Game Provided by the Career Center of the University of Missouri, the Holland Game helps you identify your interests and occupations that relate to those interests.

The Keirsey Character Sorter Learn more about how you prefer to behave. If you find this interesting, you may want to come to Career Services to learn about the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, an instrument similar to the Kiersey Sorter.

What do you like? Interested in math or reading or sports or computers? Find careers that match your interests.