Cooperative Education and Internships

Internships exist in a variety of forms: some are paid, some are not; some give college credit and some do not. The difference between an internship and other forms of employment is that all internships--no matter what kind--provide career-beginners with a temporary, "test-it-out" career-related experience. 

The Center and the Career Directors in our colleges offer all kinds of internships to meet your needs whether you just want some related experience to test a career interest or you want a structured, credit-bearing, departmentally supervised experience through Cooperative Education.

Click the headings in the chart below to learn more about different kinds of internship experiences:

Cooperative Education (Co-op) A credit-bearing, faculty and counselor supervised work experience which allows students to see the connection between their studies and the world of work.
Internship A paid, short term work experience providing the employer with skilled workers and giving students a taste of a potential career direction.

Volunteer Experience

Generated by employers for neither pay nor credit; volunteer opportunities offer a chance to explore careers.