What is Cooperative Education?

Cooperative Education is a University-wide, credit-bearing, experience-based learning program that provides students with preparation, counseling, academic projects and the opportunity to reflect on what is learned.  It’s a great resume builder and a way to test out a career.

Full- and part-time, paid and unpaid co-op positions are available to students. These positions meet co-op work-learning criteria and are arranged for a minimum of one semester. Screening criteria are determined by the employer working with the Center; those students meeting these criteria are referred for interviews using a web-based interface giving students and employers 24/7 access. Hiring decisions are made solely by the employer. Interested students must apply at least one semester prior to enrollment in an academic course especially designed to foster reflective thinking and learning from experience. 




Cooperative Education Faculty Handbook

Cooperative Education Employer Handbook

Cooperative Education Student Handbook