Co-op Eligibility

Eligibility for Enrollment in a Cooperative Education Course

  • A student must have a 2.0 minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) and have earned a total of 30 credits. Some academic departments have additional requirements.

  • Transfer students with an associate or a second bachelor's degree do not have to obtain any additional course credit at Montclair State University.

  • Transfer students without a degree must complete at least 9 credits at Montclair State, have at least 30 accumulated credits (including Montclair State University and transfer), and a 2.0 minimum GPA.
  • The cooperative education internship opportunity must be a new learning experience:
    If you are currently employed with an organization, you must provide the University with evidence that substantial new learning will take place during the Co-op semester.  The best way to demonstrate new student learning is through one of the following:
        • A promotion
        • A different position within the organization
        • Evidence of a new project that comprises at least 50% of your time
  • A student cannot be self-employed or work for a family member.

  • A student must accept both a Consent Agreement and Statement of Ethical Conduct.