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Applicant Tracking Systems: What You Need to Know for Your Job Search

Online job seekers often wonder why they rearely hear anything after applying for positions. One of the main reasons is the resume never makes it to a human reader. Why? 95% of large companies and 50% of mid-sized companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to "read" resumes. Attend this workshop to find out how an ATS affects your job search and the methods designed to get past them.

Confidently Speaking!

Ace your next interview! Get promoted at work! Expand your social network! Achieve all three and more by focusing on developing and strengthening your communication skills.  In this webinar, we will discuss how you can maximize your "power tools" of communication which include voice, body and structure (of message), to connect and engage more effectively in any type of situation.

Take the "Work" Out of Networking

In this webinar, we will explore ways to network with comfort and confidence by answering questions such as:

  • What "is" networking?
  • Why is it important to "reframe" my views about it?
  • Which strategies are best to overcome common networking obstacles?

 Participants will take away specific tools and techniques that will allow them to freely share strengths, interests and abilities during any networking situation.

Red Hawk Resumes: Stand Out!

This informative webinar will cover the ins and outs of resume development. The presentation will focus on the resume writing needs of entry-level, mid-career and seasoned job seekers, such as:

  • Resume format
  • Resume content
  • How to reflect the needs of the employer

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