On Campus Employers

I am an on-campus employer interested in hiring student employees for student assistant or federal work study positions. How do I start?

  1. Register with our online job posting system, Career Directions
    • Register as an employer by completing each required field in the registration form
    • You will complete this form only once

    Register here

  2. Select "New Job" under the "My Jobs" drop-down menu
    • Complete the Position Information section: include days and hours needed and skills required such as data entry, telephone work, etc.
    • Verify the Contact Information and revise the fields as need
    • Complete the Posting Information section
    • Under Position Type, select either "On-Campus Student Assistant" or "On-Campus Federal Work Study"
      • Do not select "Part-time Job", as that option is reserved for off-campus positions
      • If both SA and FWS positions are available with the same job title, please complete separate position forms
      • If multiple positions with the same description and job titles are available, such as 10 FWS lab assistants, you only need to complete one position form.

3. Click "Save"

Career Directions Employer Tasks:

  • Enter a new job - Click "New Job" on the "My Jobs" drop-down menu.
  • Edit your job posting(s)  - View your job post by selecting "Job List" under "My Jobs" drop-down menu and click on the Job ID of the posting you wish to change.
  • Repost your job posting - Click on the Job ID of the job you wish to repost, click "Copy Job" and then edit the post and expiration dates.
  • Close your job listing - Click on the Job ID of the job you wish to close and click "Close Job".
  • Sort your job postings - Click on any column header.
  • View applicants - Click the highlighted R in the Activity column (under Job List).  If no students have applied, the R will not be highlighted.
  • Report a hire - Click the P in the Activity column (under Job List).  The P is highlighted when a student has been hired for the posting.

Please adhere to Student Employment Policy.

Visit this link for the New Student Assistant forms from Human Resources: Student Employment Forms.