Post a Position

Post a position through Career Directions for Montclair State students and alumni

Register with Career Directions, our web-based job listing system, to post full and part-time positions by following the steps below:

If you represent a CORPORATE, NON-PROFIT, or GOVERNMENT employer, please begin here:

Step 1: Please review our Professional Standards and Practices
Step 2: Register for an account with Career Directions (free of charge)

If you represent a THIRD-PARTY RECRUITER (Headhunters, Employment and Staffing Agencies), please begin here:

Step 1: Please review our Third Party Recruiter Policy
Step 2: Fax a signed copy of the Policy to us so that we may permit you to register to list positions.

For "IN-HOME POSITIONS," please note the following:

  • Child-care positions should be sent to the school paper, the Montclarion, which can be reached at 973.655.5237.
  • ALL other in-home positions (clerical support, household help, tutoring) may be faxed to us at 973.655.7979, but are not listed on-line.

Montclair State University is a non-discriminatory organization and employers must comply with non-discrimination practices. Positions posted with the Center must comply with all federal and state affirmative action and equal opportunity employment regulations. Any organization which does not endorse this policy will be denied use of the Center for Career Services and Cooperative Education.

The Center for Career Services and Cooperative Education adheres to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles and Practices of College Placement.