Research Occupations

Occupational Research

How can I learn more about occupations, industries and organizations that interest me?

Use the Internet to research:

  • Vault Online Library: Vault provides inside info on hundreds of organizations.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook: Published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Handbook provides detailed descriptions of jobs, information about the outlook for occupations and more.
  • Occupational Outlook Quarterly: Provides similar information but is published every 3 months so is more recent.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: Provides industry information, statistics about local areas and much more.
  • O*'Net on-line: A "one-stop shopping" federal government resource for occupational information.
  • America's CAREER INFONET: Provides wage and trend information, occupational requirements, labor market conditions and an extensive career resource library.
  • Learn about jobs in demand.
  • Research industries at WetFeet.
  • Want to identify businesses in a specific industry? Visit Reference USA courtesy of Sprague Library.
  • Other Sprague resources:
    • Business Insights - Global: Includes profiles, case studies, statistics, journal articles and SWOT reports related to global companies.
    • Lexis-Nexis: Full text database of news, business and legal sources with some medical information as well.
    • Mergent Online: Provides in-depth financial information and annual reports for U.S. and international companies. It also includes industry information and biographies of corporate executives.
  • Check out's 50 Best Places to Work for 2013. Read employee comments.

Listen/watch as people talk about their careers:

Talk to people who have volunteered to advise you:

Try online networking:

Library Research:

  • Visit the Career Library in Morehead Hall (Room 337) to learn about occupations.