Learn More About Myself

How can I learn more about myself and careers?

  • Make an appointment to see a career counselor by calling 973-655-5194.
  • Use Focus-2, our licensed, self assessment and career research program.
  • Begin self and career exploration online:
    • The Holland Game Provided by the Career Center of the University of Missouri, the Holland Game helps you identify your interests and occupations that relate to those interests.
    • The Keirsey Temperament Sorter Learn more about how you prefer to behave. If you find this interesting, you may want to come to Career Services to learn about the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, an instrument similar to the Kiersey Sorter.
    • Career Services (BGSU) clearly shows the career development process.
  • For those who love self assessment sites, check out Quintessential Careers annual review of assessment sites.