Online Workshops

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Learn to use Career Directions, our on-line job listing system effectively. 5 minutes

Resume Writing

  • Part 1: Definition and purposes of a resume, 12 minutes
  • Part 2: Different resumes: traditional, electronic, internet. Resume categories, 23 minutes
  • Part 3: Writing the cover letter, 12 minutes

Writing an E-Resume

Interviewing Skills

  • Part 1: What an interview is really about! 17 minutes
  • Part 2: Interview preparation, interview stages, the dining interview, 20 minutes

Finding a Job in a Tough Market



Managing Your Personal Brand



  • Learn to use Twitter to stay in touch and increase your professional persona, 10 minutes

First Year on the Job

Corporate Culture

Getting into Graduate School

  • Thinking about going?‌ How to apply, how to pay, work first or later? (This presentation takes a few seconds to load) 5 minutes