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I want to create an effective resume, an e-portfolio and improve my interviewing skills

 Want a great resume?

  • Read A Guide to Career Planning and Job Hunting‌ or
  • Begin to write your resume by reading our online instructions.
  • Use Optimal Resume button‌to format your resume. (Optimal is a comprehensive, web-based tool, which allows you to create, present and manage multiple resumes.)
  • Log-in info

    • Current students: Use your mail.montclair.edu email address to log into the system.
    • Alumni: This service is currently FREE for Montclair State Alumni. To receive FREE access, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 973-655-4141 for your promotional code.
    • See some sample Optimal resumes

Want a great cover letter?

Want to create an e-portfolio to aid in your job hunt?

Want a critique of your resumé or cover letter?

  • Bring your resume to the Center during counseling drop-in hours.
  • Drop off a copy of your resumé any time and ask that it be critiqued. You may pick it up two days later.

Want to learn about interviewing?