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Undergraduate Courses

College of Education and Human Services

Counseling and Educational Leadership  

Counseling, Human Development and Educational Leadership

Curriculum and Teaching  
Curriculum and Teaching CURR
Industrial Studies ISED
Industrial Studies/Technology Education INDS

Early Childhood, Elementary, and Literacy Education

Early Childhood Elementary Education ECEL
Reading READ

Educational Foundations

Educational Foundations EDFD
Educational Research ELRS

Exercise Science and Physical Education

Athletic Training ATTR
Health Professional Education HPEM
Physical Education/Major PEMJ
Physical Education/Non-major PEGN

Family and Child Studies

Family and Child Studies FCST
Family and Child Studies HEED

Health and Nutrition Sciences

Health and Nutrition Sciences HLTH
Nutrition and Food Sciences NUFD

College of Humanities and Social Sciences


Anthropology ANTH
Anthropology/Practical PRAN
Classics and General Humanities  
Classics/Greek GREK
Classics/Latin LATN
General Humanities GNHU

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Communication Sciences and Disorders CSND
English ENGL
English/Film ENFL
English/Grammar ENGM
English/Interdisciplinary ENID
English/Literature ENLT
English/Writing ENWR


History HIST
Social Science SOSC
Justice Studies  
Justice Studies JUST
Legal Studies/Paralegal PALG
Arabic ARBC
Linguistics LNGN
Linguistics/American Sign Language AMSL
Linguistics/Chinese CHIN
Linguistics/ESOL ESOL
Linguistics/Japanese JAPN
Linguistics/Swahili SWAH

Modern Languages and Literatures

Arabic ARAB
Arabic ARIN
French FREN
French/Interdisciplinary FRIN
German GERM
German/Interdisciplinary GRIN
Hebrew HEBR
Russian RUSS
Philosophy and Religion  
Philosophy PHIL
Religion RELG
Political Science and Law  
Jurisprudence JURI
Legal Studies/Law LSLW
Political Science POLS


Psychology PSYC
Psychology/Community PCOM
Sociology SOCI
Spanish SPAN
Spanish/Italian Interdisciplinary SPIN
Italian ITAL
Portuguese PORT

College of Science and Mathematics

Biology and Molecular Biology

Biology BIOL
Biology/Cell Culture BICL
Biology/Marine Sciences BIMS
Chemistry and Biochemistry  
Chemistry CHEM
Chemistry/General CHGN
Computer Science  
Computer Science CMPT
Computer Science/Information Technology CSIT

Earth and Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies ENVR
Urban and Geographic Studies EUGS
Geography/Latin American GELA
Geoscience GEOS
Physics/Geoscience - Marine Science PHMS
Mathematical Sciences  
Mathematics MATH
Physics/Geoscience PHYS
Physics/Geoscience Education PHED
Statistics STAT
New Jersey School of Conservation  
Conservation/Field Studies CNFS
Science Informatics Interdisciplinary Major  
Science Informatics SCIF
School of the Arts  

Art and Design

Fine Arts/Art Non-majors ARAN
Fine Arts/Ceramics ARCE
Fine Arts/Theory/Criticism ARCR
Fine Arts/Drawing ARDW
Fine Arts/Art Education ARED
Fine Arts/Art and the Environment AREV
Fine Arts/Foundations ARFD
Fine Arts/Fibers ARFI
Fine Arts/Film Making ARFM
Fine Arts/Video ARFV
Fine Arts/Graphic Design ARGD
Fine Arts/General Studies ARGS
Fine Arts/Museum Studies ARHM
Fine Arts/Art History ARHS
Fine Arts/Industrial Design ARID
Fine Arts/Illustration ARIL
Fine Arts/Metalwork and Jewelry ARMJ
Fine Arts/Painting ARPA
Fine Arts/Performance Art ARPF
Fine Arts/Papermaking ARPG
Fine Arts/Photography ARPH
Fine Arts/Printmaking ARPM
Fine Arts/Sculpture ARSC
Fine Arts/Art Studio ARST
Fine Arts/Art Therapy ARTH
Fine Arts/Textiles ARTX


Speech and Theatre/Broadcasting BDCS
Communication Studies  
Speech Communication SPCM
Music/Applied MUAP
Applied Music/Additional Instrument MUAS
Music/Education MUED
Music/General MUGN
Music/History MUHS
Music/Literature MULT
Music/Management MUMG
Music/Performance MUPR
Music/Secondary Instrument MSSN
Music/Technology MUTC
Music/Theory/Composition MUCP
Music/Therapy MUTH
Musical Theatre MTTH

Theatre and Dance

Dance DNCE
Theatre THTR

School of Business

Accounting, Law, and Taxation

Accounting ACCT
Business Law BSLW
Economics and Finance  
Economics ECON
Finance FINC
International Business  
International Marketing INBS
Management and Information Systems  
Business Education BSED
Hospitality Management HOSP
Information and Decision Sciences INFO
Management MNGT
Leisure Industries and Tourism LITM
Marketing MKTG
Marketing/Recreation PERL

Interdisciplinary Programs

African-American Studies Minor AFAM
Aquatic and Coastal BS/MS AQUA
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Studies GLQS
Interdisciplinary Gen Ed 2002 GNED
International Studies Minor INTL
Jewish American Studies Minor JAST
Latin American  and Latino Studies Minor LALS
Science Informatics Major SCIF
Women’s Studies Major and Minor WMST

Special Programs

Child Advocacy CHAD
Cooperative Education COED
Honors Program HONP