The Center applies cutting-edge evaluation theory and methodology in its evaluation and research services in the following areas:

  • Program planning
    • Needs assessment
    • Development of a logic model or program theory to strengthen the quality of a program and ensure the quality and usefulness of its evaluation
  • Implementation evaluation
    • Formative evaluation
    • Process evaluation
  • Outcome evaluation
    • Impact evaluation
    • Viability evaluation
  • Systems evaluation
    • Systems evaluation facilitation (planning, implementation, utilization)
    • Organization/program evaluation capacity building
  • Program monitoring
    • Establishment of a system to monitor an organization’s implementation processes and/or outcomes on an ongoing basis
  • Applied research
    • Instrument design and data collection
      • Surveys and questionnaires (online, telephone, paper)
      • Focus group and interview protocols
      • Observation protocols
      • Document review, tracking templates
    • Quantitative and qualitative data analysis

The Center works collaboratively with organizations to develop customized plans for evaluations of and research on services to be provided.

The Center provides free initial consultation services to help identify the organization’s needs.

Grant Proposal Assistance

The Center collaborates with clients in writing grant proposals.

Evaluation Workshops 

The Center offers evaluation workshops at introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Evaluation Education 

The Center, in collaboration with faculty in several departments, is currently developing an evaluation certificate program that is anticipated to begin in 2013.