HLTH 528

HLTH 528: Program Planning and Evaluation
(Start Spring 2010: Program Planning and Evaluation)
3.0 SH

Provides for an in-depth study of the theories and principles of measurement and evaluation and their application to the field of health education. The theoretical foundations and the practical considerations for proper selection, development and administration of various measuring instruments, and the analysis of their results constitute the focal points of the course.

(Start Spring 2010: This course provides an overview of the principles and methods of program planning and evaluation for health education and health promotion activities. Students develop an understanding of theoretical and applied issues in planning, implementing and evaluating health programs. They critically examine ethical and political dimensions of program planning and evaluation and consider how these affect current practices and future directions. Course sessions and assignments are designed to engage students in developing applied skills in program planning and evaluation as well as critiquing programs and evaluations. It is recommended that students take a basic course in statistics before taking this course. 3 hours lecture.)

Prerequisites: A basic course in statistics or in tests and measurement. (Start Spring 2010: Basic course in Statistics Recommended.)