Counseling and Educational Leadership

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The Department of Counseling and Educational Leadership (CEL) grants two different Master of Arts degrees, and one doctoral degree, a PhD in Counseling.

In the MA in Counseling program, students are prepared to work with diverse populations of all ages in the following areas: Community mental health counseling, addictions counseling, school counseling, and student affairs/ higher education. Program concentrations in Community Counseling, School Counseling and Student Affairs Counseling in Higher Education are CACREP-accredited. In addition, the department offers two post-Master’s programs for professional development, one leading to gaining the requirements for  New Jersey Licensed Professional Counselor (LAC/LPC), and the other leading directly toward New Jersey State School Counselor Certification.

The Ph.D. program in Counseling, the only one within a 248-mile radius, is a premier program with an excellent faculty. Students are prepared to work in the field of counseling as professors, clinicians, deans or high level student affairs professionals, directors of school counseling, and consultants.

In the NCATE-accredited MA in Educational Leadership program, students obtain a standard supervisor certificate as well as a principal certificate of eligibility.  For students holding a master’s degree, the program offers advanced certifications in the areas of supervisor, principal and director of guidance. In addition, the program offers the opportunity for an additional internship to qualify the student to obtain the school administrator certificate of eligibility.

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