PhD in Counselor Education

Director: Dr. Harriet Glosoff
Office: University Hall, Room 3189
Phone Number: (973) 655-3482
Program Assistant: Susan Fuller
Office: University Hall, Room 3189
Phone Number: (973) 655-3133


The primary objective of this PhD program is to prepare culturally responsive scholars, faculty, advanced practitioners, clinical supervisors, and directors of counseling services in mental health and educational settings, and social justice counseling advocates to be leaders in maximizing the mental health and quality of life for individuals, families, communities, and educational organizations.

Our program graduates have obtained positions as faculty members in counseling programs, directors of counseling services and in higher education settings, and advanced clinical supervisors. Individuals with counselor education doctoral degrees work as:

  • Academic Faculty members in higher education
  • Administrators and Supervisors in health care agencies, nonprofit organizations, community agencies, private practice, employee assistance programs, K-12 schools, student affairs/academic affairs units in colleges and universities, and in businesses
  • Consultants for agencies on specific projects (e.g., as consultants to state departments of education concerning counseling outreach to underserved populations)
  • Program Evaluators
  • Researchers

The Montclair State University PhD Program in Counselor Education combines scholarly preparation and advanced counseling, teaching, and supervision practice in preparation to facilitate many opportunities for professional growth and varied career opportunities. A state-of-the art curriculum, faculty mentoring, and the thoughtful choice of a cognate in the doctoral program will contribute to these opportunities. In addition, as well as encouraging students to collaborate on research being conducted by faculty member, the faculty members are committed to mentoring doctoral students in developing their own areas of profession practice, research, and leadership.

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Graduate PhD in Counselor Education Brochure
The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Counselor Education prepares scholars, academics, and practitioners for work in schools, community agencies, and higher education institutions. With a strong theoretical and practical base, the program prepares individuals to teach and supervise in counseling and counselor education programs on the graduate level in colleges and universities, conduct rigorous research on related issues, and perform various administrative and supervisory duties within organizations.

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