Mentoring relationships play an important role for current and prospective members in the field of higher education leadership. For leadership positions at the university level, mentors provide emotional as well as professional support. Literature indicates mentoring positively impacts higher education professionals in the areas of networking, professional development, career guidance, and self-efficacy. 

Each newly admitted student to the program will be assigned to a mentor who is a senior staff member in higher education leadership.  A list of this year's mentors include:

Dr. Janet Alperstein
Assistant Vice President for Academic Support
New York University

James Anderson
Director of Financial Aid
Montclair State University

Courtney Cazan Colvin
Associate Director for Residential Life & Director of First Year Focus
Barnard College

Jeffrey Broggi
Dean of Students for Livingston Campus
Rutgers University

Dr. Michele Campagna
Executive Director of the Center for Advising & Student Transitions
Montclair State University

Cori Carfagno
Assistant Director of Engagement
University of Maryland

Dr. Marie Cascarano
Health Promotion Coordinator
Montclair State University 

Margaree Coleman-Carter
Dean of Students
Montclair State University

Carissa Conroy
Assistant Director of Athletic Development, Major Gifts and Varsity R
Rutgers University

Fatima deCarvalho
Assistant Dean of Student Life
Montclair State University

John Delate
Executive Director of Residence Life
Montclair State University

Sean Dowd
Assistant Director of Residence Life
Rutgers University

Romayne Eaker-Kelly
Director of Campus Recreation
Montclair State University

Yosayra F. Eusebio
Academic Advisor/Coordinator of Peer Leadership
Montclair State University

Dr. Justin Fincher
Assistant Vice President of Constituent Experiences and Chief Administrative Officer
The Ohio State University 

Dr. Shannon Gary
Associate Dean of Students
Montclair State University

Ben Gelb
Implementation Representative

Holly Gera
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
Montclair State University 

Jennifer Hellstern, J.D.
Investigations Specialist of Employment Equity
Rutgers University 

Jeri Henry
Associate Vice President | Student Conduct and Community Standards
Columbia University

Dr. Lisa Hollibaugh
Dean for International and Global Strategy
Barnard College 

Dr. Rose Mary Howell
Vice President for Student Life
St. Joseph’s College

Dr. Daniel Jean
Executive Director of Eof and Academic Development
Montclair State University 

Jennifer Kim-Lee
Assistant Dean in the School of Arts & Sciences Honors Program
Rutgers University

Lyn Kreuger
Director of New Student Programs
Rutgers University  

Alicia Lawrence
Assistant Director of Student Conduct
Rutgers University 

Adam Mayer
Director of Career Counseling
Montclair State University 

Sue McNeilly
Associate Director of Residence Life
St. John’s University 

Dr. Anne Newman
Chief of Staff to Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Rutgers University 

William O'Brien
Director of Resident Life for Administration & Conference Services
Rutgers University

Dr. Karen Pennington
Vice President for Student Development & Campus Life
Montclair State University 

Lynn Riker
Director of Residence Life
New Jersey Institute of Technology 

Joanie Schmidt
Director of Residence Life Emeritus
Central Michigan University

Will Simpkins
Director of the Center for Career & Professional Development
John Jay College

Dr. Allyson Straker-Banks
Associate Vice President for Student Academic Services
Montclair State University 

Jeanine Stroh
Associate Director of Residence Life
Montclair State University 

Michael Tolbert
Director of Residence Life for Student Support
Rutgers University 

Tova Tolman
Director of Educational Consulting
College Coach 

Duane Williams
Associate Director of the Center for Advising & Student Transitions
Montclair State University 

Thea Zunick
Associate Director of Student Life
Steven’s Institute of Technology