Course Requirements

The course requirements listed below apply to those students admitted on or after Fall 2012. Anyone admitted prior to this term should refer to their Analysis of Academic Progress on WESS or see your academic advisor for your official program of study.


Leadership and Knowledge
Number Name Semester Hours
ELAD 510 Effective Leadership in a Diverse Society 3
ELAD 521 Education Law 3
ELAD 622 School Finance 3
ELAD 690 School and Community Relations 3
Supervisory Processes
Complete 2 courses for 6 semester hours:  
ELAD 540 Differentiated Supervision 3
ELAD 543 Leadership and the Learning Organization 3
Curriculum and Development
Complete 2 courses for 6 semester hours:  
ELAD 635 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment 3
ELAD 680 Leading Curriculum Change for Student Achievement 3
Core Academic
Complete the following 1 course for 3 semester hours:  
EDFD 504 Action Research 3
Internship or Leadership
Complete 1 course for 3 semester hours:  
ELAD 614 Transformative Leadership Practices  (online option only) 3
ELAD 615 Internship in School Leadership 3
Complete 2 courses from the following with advisor approval:  
ELAD 527 School District, State, and Federal Planning/Policymaking 3
ELAD 545 Leadership Skills in Communication 3
EDFD 578 Testing and Evaluation 3
ELAD 610 Fieldwork in District Leadership (150 hours for Superintendency) 3
ELAD 611 Ethical Leadership and Decision Making 3
ELAD 612 Theories and Strategies in Educational Administration 3
ELAD 624 School Plant Maintenance and Operations 3
ELAD 629 Accounting, Auditing and Reporting School Systems 3
ELAD 643 Staff, Personnel Administration and Supervision 3
ELAD 644 Collective Bargaining, Impasse, Grievance and Resolution 3
SPED 579 Special Education for Students with Disabilities 3
ELAD 670 Selected Topics (1-3 credits) 3
COUN 559 Dynamics of Group Process 3
PROGRAM TOTAL: 36 Semester Hours

Course Sequencing

Courses are offered in fall, spring, and summer terms. There are course sequencing and prerequisites that students should discuss with their advisors in planning their programs. Suggested course sequences for full and part-time study are provided here, as well as a schedule of course offerings for the fast track option.‌

Course Sequences