Faculty & Staff

Kathy A. Gainor

Interim Chair
No Photo Available Education — PhD, Michigan State University; MA, Boston College; BA, Waynesburg College
Research/Interests — Multicultural and culturally responsive counseling practice, spirituality and counseling practice, career counseling and development, counselor training and pedagogy
Office — University Hall 3161
Phone — (973) 655-7216

Lucille A. Gesualdi

Department Administrator
No Photo Available

Education — MA Educational Leadership/Ed-Trainer

Office — University Hall 3165
Phone — (973) 655-6844

Eunice Grippaldi

Program Administrator, Educational Leadership Programs
No Photo Available

Education — MA Educational Leadership

Office — University Hall 3194
Phone — (973) 655-7718

Kathleen M. Mangano

Clinical Specialist, Counseling Programs
No Photo Available

Education — MA Community Counseling

Office — University Hall 2170
Phone — (973) 655- 3455

Mary Andreoli

Department Secretary
No Photo Available
Office — University Hall 3162
Phone — (973) 655-7216

Kim Booth 

Program Assistant, PhD Counselor Education Program
No Photo Available
Office — University Hall 3162
Phone — (973) 655-3133


Muninder Kaur Ahluwalia

Muninder Kaur Ahluwalia headshot Education — PhD, New York University; MA, New York University; BA, New York University
Research/Interests — Multicultural counseling training, issues of identity and self among south asians, discrimination, and asian american women, and methodological issues in qualitative research
Office — University Hall 3185
Phone — (973) 655-7622

Vanessa Alleyne

Vanessa Alleyne headshot Education — PhD, Columbia University; MPhil, Columbia University; MEd, Harvard University; BS, Wheelock College
Research/Interests — Addiction treatment outcomes, multiculturalism and racial identity, group processes, forensic evaluation
Office — University Hall 3171
Phone — (973) 655-6996

Amanda Baden

No Photo Available Education — PhD, Michigan State University; MEd, University of Georgia; BA, Pennsylvania State University
Research/Interests — Multicultural counseling competence, racial and cultural identity, counseling adoption triad members, transracial/international adoption, licensed psychologist (NY)
Office — University Hall 3211
Phone — (973) 655-7336

Katrina Bulkley

Katrina Bulkley headshot Education — PhD, Stanford University; MA, University of North Carolina; BA, Weslayan University
Research/Interests — School governance and school reform, charter schools and school privatization
Office — University Hall 3196
Phone — (973) 655-5189

Denise Geier

No Photo Available Education — EdD, Rutgers University; MA, Georgian Court University; BA, Montclair State College
Research/Interests — Online courses, including Curriculum and Instructional Strategies, and Organizational Theory, Supervision, and Instruction, for several institutions
Office — University Hall 2201
Phone — (973) 655-7216

Harriet Glosoff

Harriet Glosoff headshot Education — PhD, American University; MA, University of Maryland-College Park; BA, State University of New York
Research/Interests — Professional ethics; Spirituality and cultural issues in counseling, supervision, and counselor education; Preparing counselors as social justice advocates; Best practices in counseling supervision
Office — University Hall 3189
Phone — (973) 655-3482

Michael D. Hannon

No Photo Available Education — PhD, The Pennsylvania State University; EdS, Rider University; MEd, University of Delaware; BS University of Delaware
Research/Interests — Wellness of racial/ethnic minority fathers and families of children with autism; urban school counseling
Office — University Hall Room 3190
Phone — (973) 655-7611

Leslie Kooyman

Leslie Kooyman headshot Education — PhD, University of North Carolina, Charlotte; MA, University of North Carolina, Charlotte; BS, University of Santa Clara
Research/Interests — High-risk sexual behavior of gay men and men who have sex with men (MSM),HIV/AIDS prevention, gay men and aging, acculturative stress of international students, GLBT issues, counselor development
Office — University Hall 3213
Phone — (973) 655-7182

Dana Heller Levitt

Dana Heller Levitt headshot Education — PhD, Counselor Education, University of Virginia; MEd, Counselor Education, University of Virginia; BA, Psychology, James Madison University
Research/Interests — Ethics, Religious/Cultural Issues in Counseling, Pedagogy, Counselor Education, Body Image/Eating Disorders, Gender Issues
Office — University Hall 3169
Phone — (973) 655-2097

Sandra Lopez-Baez

No Photo Available Education — PhD, Kent State University; MA, Marshall University; BA, University of Puerto Rico
Research/Interests — Diversity, multiculturalism, social justice, internationalization of the counseling profession, training mental health counselors globally
Office — University Hall, Room 3192
Phone — (973) 655-3186

Suzanne McCotter

Suzanne McCotter headshot Education — PhD, University of Georgia; MLS, Rutgers University; BA, Rutgers
Research/Interests — Instructional supervision, professional development, teacher reflection
Office — University Hall 3143
Phone — (973) 655-3096

Kim O'Halloran

Kim O'Halloran headshot Education — PhD, New York University; MEd, Rutgers University; BA, Rutgers University
Research/Interests — Factors that facilitate undergraduate and graduate retention and persistence in higher education; organizational issues in higher education; college student learning and development; best practice in graduate preparation programs
Office — University Hall 3132
Phone — (973) 655-5168

Joseph Oluwole

Joseph Oluwole headshot Education — PhD, The Pennsylvania State University; JD, The Ohio State University; BA, Michigan State University
Research/Interests — Legal issues in public schools (including the constitutional and statutory rights of teachers, students and administrators; whistle blowing; educational equity and the law; the No Child Left Behind Act and ethics
Office — University Hall 3154
Phone — (973) 655-5406

Gloria Pierce

Gloria Pierce headshot Education — EdD, Columbia University; MA, Teachers College; Columbia University; MA, Fairleigh Dickinson University; BA, Douglass College, Rutgers, The State University
Research/Interests — Holistic approaches to counseling, ecotherapy & ecofeminist therapy, gender/ women's issues, feminist counseling, feminist pedagogy, faculty development, organization development & management education; cultural analysis
Office — University Hall 3183
Phone — (973) 655-7185

Edina L. Renfro-Michel

Education — PhD Mississippi State University; MEd University of New Orleans; BA University of New Orleans
Research/Interests — Counselor supervision, adult child attachment, technology in counselor education
Office — University Hall 3215
Phone — (973) 655-5381

Angela I. Sheely-Moore

Angela Sheely-Moore headshot Education — PhD, University of North Texas; MA, University of North Carolina at Charlotte; BA, North Carolina Central University
Research/Interests — School counseling for economically disadvantaged children and their families, school-based play therapy and filial therapy, multicultural counseling
Office — University Hall 3158
Phone — (973) 655-7389

Matthew Shurts

Matthew Shurts headshot Education — PhD, MS, EdS, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro; BA, Wake Forest University
Research/Interests — Premarital and pre-union counseling, romantic relationship development, counselor education pedagogy Clinical Specializations: Include premarital and pre-union counseling, marriage and family counseling, emergency/crisis assessment
Office — University Hall 3230
Phone — (973) 655-7190

Frances C. Stromsland

stromsland Education — EdD, Seton Hall University; EdM Rutgers University; BA Montclair State College
Research/Interests — Teaching and instructional practices that integrate purposeful digital curriculum tools, applications, and resources; ethically based service leadership training and support
Office — University Hall 2201
Phone — (973) 655-7486

Emile Talarico

Emile Talarico photo Education — EdD, NOVA Southeastern University; MA, in Educational Supervision, Kean University; and BA, Teacher Certification, Monmouth College
Research/Interests — Curriculum and Instruction
Office — University Hall 2191
Phone — (973) 655-3207
Email talaricoe@mail.montclair.edu

Chris Torres

Education — PhD, New York Univeristy; MA, Mercy College; BA, Yale University
Research/Interests — Teacher Turnover, Charter Schools and “No Excuses” charter schools, Charter Management Organizations (CMOs), Clinical Practice in Teacher Education, Teacher Development, Professionalization of Teaching, Teachers’ Careers
Office — University Hall 3156
Phone — (973) 655-7402

Adjunct Faculty

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