Reading Specialist

Coordinator: Dr. Erik Jacobson
Office: University Hall, Room 3233
Phone: (973) 655-3471


The Reading Specialist program (30 credits) prepares educators to meet present and future demands for literacy instruction.  The program emphasizes practice informed by current theory and research and provides a range of learning experiences that enhance candidates’ understanding of what it means to be an effective literacy educator.  Program graduates will be prepared to serve in a wide array of educational roles in a variety of settings.

It is expected that students will graduate with a broad and multifaceted understanding of literacy, including key developmental, cultural and sociopolitical dimensions. Students will also be able to identify and respond to important shifts in literacy practices, such as those involving the use of digital technologies. Program graduates will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively provide literacy instruction, engage with colleagues about ways to enhance practice and advocate for the field as a whole.

Those interested in the program must already have their initial teaching certificate and a Masters in any field.  To receive the Reading Specialist certificate applicants must have two years full- time lead-teaching experience before completion of the program. 

Applicants may receive credit for relevant graduate courses that they have completed already, provided the courses have been taken within the last ten years. 

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