About the Department

Mission Statement

The Department of Educational Foundations seeks to clarify the relationship between educational theory and practice through academic inquiry and programmatic involvement.

The department offers core courses required of all undergraduates and graduates seeking teacher certification. Some of the department's graduate courses also satisfy the university’s Multi-Cultural Awareness and Human and Intercultural Relations Requirement, and some of its undergraduate courses satisfy current general education requirements.

The department's foundations courses are designed to prepare public and private school educators, administrators and policy-makers, and to satisfy specialized educational demands emanating from the social, political, and cultural contexts within which education takes place. Along with this charge to serve professional and pre-professional educators, the department has a responsibility to prepare students from all disciplines to acquire a sophisticated understanding of education as it relates to culture, as well as the tools of inquiry and democratic interaction that will enable them to transform their own educational experiences.

In these various efforts to educate students, the department has two primary emphases: (1) the analysis and critique of educational forms, practices, and theories from philosophical, historical, social, political, psychological, and economic perspectives with a view toward the pursuit of a just and democratic society; and (2) the promotion and development of critical, creative, and independent thinking in educational contexts.