Faculty & Staff

Amanda Birnbaum

Amanda Birnbaum headshot Education — Ph.D., University of Minnesota; M.P.H., Columbia University; B.A., University of Bridgeport
Research/Interests — Adolescent health promotion interventions, social environmental aspects of adolescent physical activity and eating patterns, girls' health, and behavioral epidemiology
Office — University Hall 4161
Phone — (973) 655-4154

Ann Schurmann

Department Administrator
No Photo Available

Education — M.P.H., Columbia University; B.A. Boston University

Office — University Hall 4159
Phone — (973) 655-7681

Barbara May-Hyzer

Lab Coordinator
Barbara May-Hyzer headshot

Education — M.A., New York University; B.A., Mercyhurst College

Office — University Hall 4163
Phone — (973) 655-4130

Claudia Guy

Claudia Guy headshot
Office — University Hall 4162
Phone — (973) 655-4154


Ndidi N. Amutah

picture thumbnail Education — Ph.D. University of Maryland, College Park; MPH The George Washington University, B.S. Rutgers, The State University of NJ
Research/Interests — Community based participatory research, health disparities, the impact of stress and racism on infant mortality, low birth weight and preterm birth in women of color, HIV/AIDS, the social determinants of health.
Office — University Hall 4192
Phone — (973) 655-4400

Yeon Bai

Yeon Bai headshot Education — Ph.D., Indiana University; M.S., Eastern Michigan University; B.S., Seoul National University
Research/Interests — Nutrition and breast cancer education, nutrition counseling
Office — University Hall 4026
Phone — (973) 655-3220

Kathleen Bauer

No Photo Available Education — Ph.D., M.S., Rutgers, The State University; B.S., Northern Illinois University
Research/Interests — Nutrition and breast cancer education, nutrition counseling
Office — University Hall 4020
Phone — (973) 655-7155

Mary Jo Belenski

Mary Jo Belenski headshot Education — Ed.D., Ed.M., Rutgers, The State University; B.A., Fairleigh Dickinson University
Research/Interests — Allied health professions, dental health education, curriculum development and student internship programs
Office — University Hall 4157
Phone — (973) 655-7122

Angela Chalé

No Photo Available Education — Ph.D., Purdue University; M.S. , New York University; B.A., Barnard College, Columbia University
Research/Interests — Nutrition, exercise physiology, and chemosensitivity in aging and disease
Office — University Hall 4012
Phone — (973) 655-3131

Lauren Dinour

No Photo Available Education — Dr.P.H., The Graduate Center, City University of New York; M.P.H., Hunter College, City University of New York; B.S., Cornell University
Research/Interests — State-level school food legislation, nutrition-related policies, nutritional sciences
Office — University Hall 4107
Phone — (973) 655-5395

Joseph Donnelly

Joseph Donnelly headshot Education — Ph.D., Southern Illinois; M.S., Southern Illinois; B.S., Southern Illinois
Research/Interests — Aspect of prevention & program planning within alcohol and substance abuse, stress reduction as it scientifically relates within health education
Office — University Hall 4166
Phone — (973) 655-7119

Charles Feldman

No Photo Available Education — Ph.D., M.A., B.A., New York University
Research/Interests — Ancient food studies, Food transformation, Status and performance
Office — University Hall 4016
Phone — (973) 655-6987

Joan C. Ficke

No Photo Available Education — Ed.D., M.A., New York University; B.A., Montclair State University
Research/Interests — Health policy, health counseling, health education, and women's health issues
Office — College Hall 212
Phone — (973) 655-4368

Eva Goldfarb

No Photo Available Education — Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania; M.A., University of Pennsylvania; B.A., Trinity College
Research/Interests — Human sexuality, curriculum development and program evaluation
Office — University Hall 4175
Phone — (973) 655-7116

Yanyan Li

No Photo Available Education — Ph.D., Ohio State University; B.S., Nanjing Normal University, China
Research/Interests — Bioactive food components, development of functional food products for health benefits.
Office — University Hall 4190
Phone — (973) 655-5396

Mark Kaelin

Mark Kaelin headshot Education — Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University; M.A., B.A., Montclair State University
Research/Interests — Epidemiology education
Office — University Hall 4201
Phone — (973) 655-7123

Lisa D. Lieberman

Lisa D. Lieberman headshot Education — Ph.D. University of Michigan; M.A. Kent State University; B.A. Kent State University
Research/Interests — Program development and evaluation in adolescent risk reduction; teen pregnancy and HIV prevention; maternal/child health; tobacco control
Office — University Hall 4203
Phone — (973) 655-5179

Doreen Liou

Doreen Liou headshot Education — Ed.D., M.Ed., M.S., Columbia University; B.S., New York University
Research/Interests — Psychosocial theories in health behavior, nutrition education
Office — University Hall 4022
Phone — (973) 655-4416

Meena Mahadevan

No Photo Available Education — Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University; M.H.E, University of Georgia
Research/Interests — Nutritional Aspects of Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS, Dietary Acculturation
Office — University Hall 4173
Phone — (973) 655-7574

Douglas Murray

No Photo Available Education — Ph.D., M.S., Auburn University; B.S., City University of Seattle; A.O.S., Culinary Institute of America.
Research/Interests — Sustainable food production and foodservice operations, food saftey, quality management, and customer satisfaction
Office — University Hall 4207
Phone — 973-655-7642

Stephanie A. N. Silvera

Education — Ph.D., Yale University; M.S., Rutgers University; B.A., Rutgers College
Research/Interests — Cancer epidemiology, specifically diet and lifestyle as risk factors for cancer, with a focus on racial/ethnic disparities in cancer outcomes.
Office — University Hall 4171
Phone — (973) 655-2125

John J. Specchio

No Photo Available Education — Ph.D., M.S., B.S., Rutgers, The State University
Research/Interests — Food safety, food packaging, food analysis for contaminants
Office — University Hall 4014
Phone — (973) 655-5291

Jhon Velasco

No Photo Available Education — M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University; B.A., Rutgers, The State University of NJ
Research/Interests — N/A
Office — University Hall 4155
Phone — (973) 655-3428

Shahla M. Wunderlich

Shahla Wunderlich headshot Education — Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.S., American University of Beirut (Lebanon); B.S., Pahlavi University (Iran)
Research/Interests — Clinical nutrition assessment of older adults, maternal/child nutrition, global food studies and eating behaviors. nutrition and aging
Office — University Hall 4018
Phone — (973) 655-4373