What Our Students Are Saying

‌“Receiving my Master’s in Nutrition and Food Science from Montclair State University was an integral part of my success in building a unique and effective nutrition education program, Veggiecation.  The knowledge I obtained in my graduate courses gave me the skills and inspiration I needed to understand what barriers to nutrition education are and how to overcome them.  Post-graduation, the MSU [Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences] faculty have been incredibly supportive of my work and have always made themselves readily available with advice and guidance.  I am grateful for my time and experience at MSU.”  – Lisa, Class of 2010

“Completing Montclair State University’s M.S. in Nutrition and Food Science program played a key role in my professional and academic career development.  With help from the faculty, I was accepted into a Ph.D. program as well as made life-long professional contacts that have directly led to employment opportunities in the pharmaceutical/health care industry.  While completing the degree, I developed my skills as an educator and public speaker through providing nutrition education.  This skill set gained from MSU was critical for my transition into a doctoral student/teaching assistant and is essential for my current position.  Without a doubt, MSU’s Nutrition and Food Science program played a pivotal role in my career trajectory.”  – Marc, Class of 2009