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Jamie Hoffman

Students practice their paddling skills while exploring the aquatic life in Lake Wapalanne

Norwood Public School Has Environmental Experience

The sixth-graders from Norwood traveled to Stokes State Forest for an environmental experience at Montclair State University's School of Conservation

Jamie Hoffman

NJSOC environmental educator and graduate student, Amanda Menasion, explains how trails are marked during the Survival class.

The Arthur M. Judd Elementary School Continues Environmental Education

North Brunswick fifth graders enjoy learning about the natural environment in Stokes State Forest.

Andrew Aboagye

Students practice using colonial-era woodworking tools as they learn about how our ancestors lived many years ago.

John Adams Elementary School visits the New Jersey School of Conservation

The fifth-graders from North Brunswick experience the great outdoors at Montclair State University's environmental field station.

Veronica Puza

AmeriCorps member, Jamie Hoffman, teach Pioneer Life in the 1860 DeGroat Cabin.

Stone Bridge Seventh Graders attend the School of Conservation for Environmental Experience

Stone Bridge School continues it's long tradition of giving their seventh graders a quality outdoor education experience.

Andrew Aboagye

Students practice teamwork as they work the Australian Trolleys.

Jersey City Students Experience the Great Outdoors

The Jersey City Joint Activities Program gives students to opportunity to get up close and personal with the natural world.

Jamie Hoffman

A group of students discover treasures in the woods during the "Questing" activity.

Jersey City Joint Activities Return to the NJSOC

The 6th-graders from Jersey City School District brave the great outdoors at Montclair State's environmental field station.

Veronica Puza

A pair of students capture images of Lake Wapalanne during their Conservation Photography class.

Jersey City Joint Activities Program Savors Another Meaningful Trip to the NJSOC

The students from the Jersey City School District enjoy their environmental field trip into Stokes State Forest.

Christopher Shea

Students build confidence on the Confidence Course

Jefferson Township Middle School's "Gold" Team visits Montclair State University Field Station For Environmental Studies

The seventh graders from JTMS enjoy environmental experience in Stokes State Forest

Veronica Puza

A student captures a different perspective on the tracks left by a red fox in the snow along the shoreline of Lake Wapalanne during Conservation Photography.

Rumson Students Endure Wintery Weather During Their Annual Outdoor Environmental Education Experience

Once again, the Rumson Country Day School returns to the snow covered landscape of Montclair State University's environmental field station, the New Jersey School of Conservation.

Jamie Hoffman

After a massive snow storm that dumped a foot of snow, the students enjoyed some cross country skiing.

Upper Township School District Returns to the NJSOC

After a 16 year hiatus, Upper Township reaffirms its commitment to outdoor environmental education by returning to the New Jersey School of Conservation.