Classroom Courtesy Suggestions

Richard W. Franke

Please observe the following rules of classroom courtesy. By observing these rules you will help me—the instructor—to provide a better and more interesting course. You will also help yourself and your fellow students to achieve better concentration and therefore to get better grades. I do not curve, so the more you concentrate, the more you learn, and the better your grade, no matter how other students do. So, please—

  1. Be in your seat with your notebook open and your pen or pencil ready when the class starts.
  2. Do not start packing your materials until class is actually over.
  3. Do not eat or drink during class.
  4. Do not leave the room during class unless you plan to stay out for the period. Use the toilet and the drinking fountain before or after class.
  5. Do not whisper, rattle papers, or otherwise distract your fellow students during class, especially during videos or films. If you have seen the film previously and are bored, either try to see something new in it, or leave.
  6. Do not ask to discuss your grade or other matters at the beginning of class unless you feel your concerns are relevant to the entire class. In that case, please tell me you feel a public discussion is needed. Otherwise, use my office hours or make an appointment to see me privately.
  7. Let me know if special circumstances make it hard for you to follow any of these rules.
  8. Break these rules on occasion if particular circumstances make it necessary. If most people observe the rules most of the time, an occasional exception will not cause any problems.