Center for the Digital Humanities

Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) Center for the Digital Humanities at Montclair State University is to promote digital humanities research and scholarship; extend grant opportunities to CHSS faculty, staff, and students; and provide advanced technological capabilities to facilitate this work.

The research supported by the Center uses digital technology to enhance the study of how people interact and how they conceive of being human. With the malleability and transmissibility of digital information, the digital humanities have proven especially well suited to trans­disciplinary work, providing new opportunities to reenvision standard disciplinary forms. Thus, a primary goal of the CHSS Center for the Digital Humanities is to foster research collaborations across disciplines and contribute to the intellectual vibrancy of the university as a whole.

The Center will host events that spotlight the work of our faculty, provide a virtual and physical space for faculty to work on projects and research, and support several peer-reviewed projects each year. In addition, it will play a critical role in the formation of new academic programs in the digital humanities.

Faculty Advisory Committee

Julian Brash Associate Professor Anthropology
Caroline Dadas Associate Professor Writing Studies
Elizabeth Emery Professor Modern Languages & Literatures
Arnaud Kurze Assistant Professor Justice Studies
Adam Rzepka Assistant Professr English
Leslie Wilson Professor History
ex officio    
Robert Friedman Dean College of Humanities & Social Sciences
AJ Kelton Director CHSS Center for the Digital Humanities

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