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Scholarships & Internships

Italian Scholarships & Awards 2011-2012

The Joseph and Elda Coccia Institute for the Italian Experience in America offers the following Scholarships and Awards for the academic year 2011-2012:

The Coccia-Inserra & Inserra-Coccia Italian Student Internships
A highly proficient and motivated Italian Major to assist the Italian Language Program and Teacher Education Coordinators in various ways for seven hours a week. Duties include developing conversational materials and online resources for use in Italian courses, assisting with grading and other informal assessments, and engaging with students during and outside of class time using technological tools. Preference given, but not limited to, students in the Italian Teaching Certification Program and who possess strong technology skills. In specific cases, the intern may collaborate with a faculty member in Italian on a research project related to his/her future career goals. Please specify the internship for which you are applying.

Two internships will be awarded:
• The Coccia-Inserra Italian Student Internship for Fall 2011 ($1000)
• The Inserra-Coccia International Italian Student Internship for Spring 2012 (duties include assistance with the organization of, and, if applicable, participation in the Montclair in Florence 2012 Program) ($1000)

The Saddle Brook UNICO Chapter Scholarships for Excellence in Italian Language
The Saddle Brook Chapter of UNICO, in conjunction with The Joseph and Elda Coccia Institute for the Italian Experience in America and the Department of Spanish and Italian at Montclair State University, offers four awards of $250 for excellence in Italian language. MSU Amici Club membership is preferred, but not required.

The Maria Manzetti Memorial Scholarship
Circolo degli Amici (Coccia Foundation) offers two $1000 awards to students enrolling or enrolled in the MSU Italian Teacher Certification Program with the intention to teach Italian. Required 3.5 GPA in Italian language courses (3.5 Cumulative GPA preferred). MSU Amici Club membership is preferred, but not required.

The District 7 UNICO Italian Achievement and Study-AbroadAward
TheDistrict 7 Chapter of UNICO offers a $1000 award or two$500 awards to a student (senior is preferred) who demonstrates highachievement in Italian or who will attend the Montclair in Florence Program inthe Summer of 2012.

Additional scholarships and awards may become available. (The Italian section and The Joseph and Elda Coccia Institute for the Italian Experience in America will notify students in the Italian program as soon as confirmation of new scholarships and awards is received.)

Applicants for all scholarships and awards should use the Italian Scholarship Application Form emphasizing their achievements and activities related to Italian language and culture in the 500-word essay. Applicants should also submit a résumé.

Application deadline for The Coccia-Inserra Italian Student Internship for Fall 2011: Thursday , October 13, 2011, by 1:00pm.

Application deadline for all other scholarships and awards: Tuesday, November 22, 2011, by 1:00 pm.

Submit hard copy of your application to:

Dr. Andrea Dini, Scholarship Committee (Chair)
Department of Spanish and Italian
Dickson Hall 301

The Italian Scholarship Selection Committee, composed of the Italian faculty, will establish the criteria for all awards, review applications, and select recipients.

Awards will be presented by donors at an Award Ceremony in April 2012 (date, time and place tba). Please note that scholarship recipients ***must*** attend the ceremony in person to receive their award or else the award will be withdrawn.


Grants of up to $1000 are offered to individuals pursuing studies, research or projects within the arts, humanities, physical or natural sciences based on criteria that demonstrates achievement or influence derived from the history, heritage or culture of Italy or the peoples of Italian or Italian American descent.

Projects are encouraged for research in diverse fields including but not limited to Italian language, the performing and visual arts, music, mathematics, philosophy, architecture, medicine, natural and physical sciences, history, economics literature, nutritional sciences, and gender studies.

Awards are available to graduates of colleges and universities of New Jersey who are enrolled in a graduate program at any university or other institutions of higher education as well as those who may be pursuing independent research within the specified.

Applications will also be accepted from upperclassman attending a New Jersey college or university. These applications are to be submitted during the applicant’s junior year for implementation during the senior or a subsequent year of study.

Successful applicants must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Grant Review Committee the quality and purpose of the independent or post graduate study project. The project/research may be a requirement of post graduate degree that will occur within the time frame of the graduate program in which the applicant is enrolled.

Plans must specify the expected date of completion or evidence of tangible progress towards the completion of the project during the grant period.  Completion of the project or a graduate degree is not necessarily a requirement during the same grant period. Individual grants up to $1000 may be awarded during any one calendar year period and can be considered for renewal. The grant may be used for tuition, travel, support services, supplies or other activities at the discretion of the recipient.

All projects or programs are funded on an annual basis. In the case of a multiple year renewable grant, it must be completed within two years of the initial grant period. Recipients will submit a written summary of the results of the project research to the Coccia Institute and will be responsible to provide a summary oral presentation of the project results. The Coccia Institute will have the rights to disseminate the research a public information service. Payments will be scheduled on an installment basis at the discretion of the Foundation.

Coccia-Inserra Award for the Excellence and Innovation in the Teaching of Italian (K-12)

The Director of the Coccia Institute for the Italian Experience in America, Dr. Mary Ann Re, is delighted to announce that, recognizing the importance of acknowledging and motivating excellence in the teaching of Italian, Cav. Joseph Coccia and Lawrence Inserra, Jr., have doubled the financial prize that will be awarded to the recipient's school for the development and implementation of Italian language and cultural programming. The $2,000 check will be presented, along with the beautiful plaque, on October 21 during the Teaching Italian Symposium at Montclair State University, NJ.