Faculty Requirements

First-Year Writing

All First-Year Writing faculty are required to:

  • meet classes on time, instruct students according to program guidelines, and provide appropriate and clear assessment of students’ work in class.
  • be accessible to students. While adjunct faculty are not required to hold office hours (half-time and instructor faculty are), all faculty are required to be available for student consultation.
  • submit book orders and syllabi to the English Department for review.
  • attend one opening meeting each semester.
  • attend one workshop each semester.
  • cooperate along department guidelines for regular (though for veterans, increasingly less frequent) reviews of performance through student evaluations and faculty observations. Faculty grades will be reviewed as well through electronic means.

The English Department will support First-Year Writing faculty primarily through the Director of First-Year Writing, Jessica Restaino (Acting Director for Fall 2015: Caroline Dadas), but also through the Assistant Directors, Secretary, Department Administrator, and the Chair.  Administrative questions should be sent first to the Department Secretary.  It’s most effective to contact the First-Year Writing Director first through email, but best efforts will be made to follow-up email contact through a meeting or at least a phone call.  The English Department Chair, Wendy Nielsen, works closely with the First-Year Writing Director, and can provide guidance when the Director is unavailable.


First-Year Writing faculty are evaluated both by their students as well as by faculty.  See Program Assessment.
Peer Evaluation: During the course of the semester, you will be contacted by Phyllis Brooks with the name of the faculty member who will be conducting your observation and evaluation.  Faculty will review your syllabus and some graded papers and will visit and observe one of your classes.  After this, an official evaluation will be written up and placed in your file.
Student Evaluation: New First-Year Writing faculty will also be evaluated by their students.  About the 10th week of the semester, Phyllis Brooks will send you an email regarding the date when student evaluations will be conducted in your classrooms.  A student assistant will visit at either the beginning of your classes or towards the end to hand out the evaluation sheets.  You will be asked to leave the room until the evaluations are completed.  Once you have submitted your grades, the results of the student evaluations will be emailed to you.  

Faculty are expected to participate in activities as detailed by position (Lecturer, 3/4-time and Adjunct faculty). 

Faculty will also have their syllabi and grades reviewed by the First-Year Writing Program and will be reviewed in light of extra student feedback volunteered by individual students.

Administrative Limits to Re-Hiring

All questions about continuing employment should be addressed to the First-Year Writing Director.  The English Department seeks to re-hire successful faculty to the extent that administrative and other rulings allow, and to the extent that we have courses that need faculty.  If the department observes problems or issues with an individual’s teaching, our first action will be to consult with faculty and work together to understand the issue, and if necessary, make changes.