Exemplary Essay Awards

Outstanding Essays from the First-Year Writing Program

Stay tuned for next call for submissions for the Exemplary Essay Awards competition!

Congratulations to the most recent award recipients for 2013-2014:

ENWR 100 winner: "Self-Portrait," Talia Nuesi (Professor Regina McNamara)

ENWR 105 winner: "Stress of the Minority," Kevin Kohlhauf (Professor Emily Hoeflinger)

ENWR 106 winner: "Man Versus Writer: Exploring the Ways that Literature can Expose the Harmful Effects of Enhancement Technology," Cassandra Sardo (Professor Tatum Petrich)


2012-2014 Recipients:

ENWR 100 winner: "The Power of a Word," Charlotte Vangsnes (Professor Theresa Waters)

ENWR 105 winner: "Finding DREAMers' 'Equality of Recognition'," Cassandra Zarina Calle (Professors Stacie McCormick & Wilson Santos)

ENWR 106 winner: "Culture Shock Leads to Identity Crisis: A Culture Study on Judith Ortiz Cofer," Thalia Ramirez (Professor Christa Verem)

2011 - 2012 Recipients:

ENWR 100 winner: "Language and Identity," Elizabeth Mejia (Professor Margaret McCrea McGlone)

ENWR 105 winner: "Student Debt," Erin Candrilli (Professor Karla Greenleaf-Macewan)

ENWR 106 winner: "Paradox of Selfishness," Jaqueline Granja (Professor Barbara Morris)

2010 - 2011 Recipients:


ENWR 100: Rakan AlSabah, "How Words Matter"

ENWR 105: Melissa H. Najimian, "You Say You Want a Devolution?"

ENWR 106: Matthew Dougla Lock, "A Tale of Two Quests"

Honorable Mention:

ENWR 100: Nicol Valentin Rivera, "The Hidden Appeal of an Adidas Advertisement"

ENWR 105: Fabio P. Simao, "Blinded by Color"

ENWR 106: Kamila Kolodynska, "No Layers"

2009 - 2010 Recipients:

ENWR 100 winner: Jade Moskovitz, "Establishing an Identity: Past, Present and Future"

ENWR 105 winner: Maya Curry, "But Did We Have A Good Time?Examination of the Media Massacre of Michael Jackson" (documented essay)

ENWR 106 winner: Sarin Taslima Ahmed, "The Chivalrous Sir Gawain"

Note: Maya Curry's essay is unusual for a ENWR 105 documented essay because it is significantly longer and more in depth, reflecting Maya's particular enthusiasm and dedication to her writing and topic.