Exemplary Essay Awards

Outstanding Essays from the First-Year Writing Program

The Annual Exemplary Essay Awards recognize outstanding essays and the First Year Writing students who have composed them. We invite submissions that span the range of assignments from all three First-Year Writing courses, and we encourage students to submit their most incisive and exciting pieces completed for ENWR 100, 105, and 106. At the end of each year, one prize will be awarded in each of the three categories. Applicants may submit once per category and once per submission period. Students do not need a professor’s recommendation to submit an essay for consideration, though faculty consultation is permissible and may be appropriate. All students enrolled in ENWR 100, 105 and 106 will receive electronic communication regarding submission processes for these awards. For questions, please see your professor.

Congratulations to the most recent award recipients for 2013-2014:

ENWR 100 winner: "Self-Portrait," Talia Nuesi (Professor Regina McNamara)

ENWR 105 winner: "Stress of the Minority," Kevin Kohlhauf (Professor Emily Hoeflinger)

ENWR 106 winner: "Man Versus Writer: Exploring the Ways that Literature can Expose the Harmful Effects of Enhancement Technology," Cassandra Sardo (Professor Tatum Petrich)


2012-2014 Recipients:

ENWR 100 winner: "The Power of a Word," Charlotte Vangsnes (Professor Theresa Waters)

ENWR 105 winner: "Finding DREAMers' 'Equality of Recognition'," Cassandra Zarina Calle (Professors Stacie McCormick & Wilson Santos)

ENWR 106 winner: "Culture Shock Leads to Identity Crisis: A Culture Study on Judith Ortiz Cofer," Thalia Ramirez (Professor Christa Verem)

2011 - 2012 Recipients:

ENWR 100 winner: "Language and Identity," Elizabeth Mejia (Professor Margaret McCrea McGlone)

ENWR 105 winner: "Student Debt," Erin Candrilli (Professor Karla Greenleaf-Macewan)

ENWR 106 winner: "Paradox of Selfishness," Jaqueline Granja (Professor Barbara Morris)

2010 - 2011 Recipients:


ENWR 100: Rakan AlSabah, "How Words Matter"

ENWR 105: Melissa H. Najimian, "You Say You Want a Devolution?"

ENWR 106: Matthew Dougla Lock, "A Tale of Two Quests"

Honorable Mention:

ENWR 100: Nicol Valentin Rivera, "The Hidden Appeal of an Adidas Advertisement"

ENWR 105: Fabio P. Simao, "Blinded by Color"

ENWR 106: Kamila Kolodynska, "No Layers"

2009 - 2010 Recipients:

ENWR 100 winner: Jade Moskovitz, "Establishing an Identity: Past, Present and Future"

ENWR 105 winner: Maya Curry, "But Did We Have A Good Time?Examination of the Media Massacre of Michael Jackson" (documented essay)

ENWR 106 winner: Sarin Taslima Ahmed, "The Chivalrous Sir Gawain"

Note: Maya Curry's essay is unusual for a ENWR 105 documented essay because it is significantly longer and more in depth, reflecting Maya's particular enthusiasm and dedication to her writing and topic.