Writing Placement

First-Year Writing: What Class Do You Need?

In the First-Year Writing Program, our exciting and rigorous classes introduce students to contemporary social issues through reading and discussion, and support them as they develop their abilities to write academically--that is, to write thoughtful, carefully constructed arguments that are supported by evidence and articulated with care, even grace.

Given the challenging academic programs at Montclair State University, students need to take the writing courses that will enable them to best succeed in their academic careers, beginning with either ENWR100 (Introduction to College Writing) or ENWR105 (College Writing I). We believe that students’ actual writing can give us more valuable information about their writing skills than their performance on standardized tests alone. As part of the placement process, then, all incoming first-year students must complete a writing placement essay before the start of the semester. Failure to submit an assignment will mean an automatic placement into ENWR100. Spring ENWR100 writing courses will begin with a discussion of students' writing placement essays, so it is essential to complete this assignment in order to not fall behind. Please submit your essay to us and save your essay on your computer or email it to yourself so that you have it available for the first day of class. Essays will be reviewed beginning December 8th and ending December 22nd.

You can access our placement Canvas site here to turn in your essay once you have deposited and enrolled at Montclair State University.

What Do You Do Now?

  1. Get started on the assignment, available here.
  2. Register for ENWR100 or ENWR105 as directed by your adviser at the Red Hawk 411 Orientaiton Program.

Further Questions?

Please email any questions you may have to hollywellsj@mail.montclair.edu