The Film Minor

The Film Minor is an interdisciplinary, inter-school program designed to allow students to pursue both film studies and filmmaking opportunities. Film studies courses, devoted to the history, aesthetics, criticism, and theory of film, are offered primarily by the English Department, while some national cinema courses, such as French Film and Italian Film, are offered by the French and Spanish/Italian Departments. Filmmaking courses, which give hands-on, production experience, are available from the Department of Art and Design.

Minor Requirements

The eighteen-credit film minor requires that students take both Introduction to Film and Filmmaking I. Two additional courses must be selected from the survey category which includes Major Directors, Major Film Genres, World Film and Filmmaking II. Remaining credits must be selected from more specialized offerings, such as Film Comedy and Video/TV as Art. Thus, students may emphasize film studies or filmmaking, depending on their interests.

The Film Minor is an ideal complement for majors in a number of disciplines:

Film Minor Requirements