The Masters of Arts in History is designed to be a “user friendly” degree program in two very important ways. First, students may pursue the degree on a part-time or a full-time basis, with graduate assistantships available for full-time students. And second, the program allows for considerable flexibility in student choice of courses, with each student free to choose nine of the eleven courses needed for the degree. While six of those nine elective courses must be in History, the other three may be chosen from any departments in the entire university, whether in the social sciences, education, the arts, business or other areas of the humanities such as literature, philosophy or additional History. This flexibility in course selection allows students to tailor the program in ways that will meet a wide variety of personal and/or professional goals, such as preparing for doctoral-level study in History, seeking to improve subject matter knowledge for secondary school teachers, advancing one’s career in business or government, preparing for a career change, or simply for personal satisfaction.

Overall, it is a 32-credit program in which students take three sets of related courses:

  • 1st: two required courses – one introductory and the other a culminating reading course
  • 2nd: six courses in History chosen by students on an individual basis
  • 3rd: three additional courses chosen from any departments throughout the university

An applicant need not have majored in history as an undergraduate in order to be admitted to the program, but all applicants are expected to have some training in the field and in relevant social sciences at the undergraduate level. Applicants are also required to take the Graduate Record Examination.

Contact us:

  • Robert Cray
    History Graduate Advisor, Dickson Hall 417