Affiliate Faculty

Kenneth H. Brook
Professor, Department of Anthropology
Ph.D. (Anthropology), City University of New York
150 Dickson Hall; (973) 655-7542;
Cary Federman headshot
Cary Federman
Assiociate Professor, Department of Justice Studies
Ph.D. (Political Science), The University of Virginia
Research Interests: Law and Psychiatry, capital punishment, prisons, serial killers

Dickson Hall; (973) 655-7966;
 Benjamin Hadis headshot Benjamin Hadis
Professor, Department of Sociology
Ph.D. (Sociology), University of California, Los Angeles
Research Interests: Development/Globalization; Population; Theory; Race and Ethnicity; Methods

306 Dickson Hall; (973) 655-7276;
Pankaj Lal headshot Pankaj Lal
Associate Professor, Earth and Environmental Studies
Ph.D. (Forest Economics and Policy), University of Florida, Gainesville FL
Research Interests: Environmental Economics and Policy, Bioenergy, Climate Change, Modeling and Analysis of Forest and Agriculture Markets, Collective Resource Management and Conservation

Center for Life and Environmental Sciences; (973) 655-3137;
Professor Lee's Bio Photo Lee H. Lee
Professor, Department of Biology
Ph.D. (Biology), City University of New York
Research Interests: Develop the environmental probes to detect and prevent algal blooms

108 Science Hall; (973) 655-7164;
  Alexios Lykidis
Assistant Professor, Film Studies
Ph.D., University of Southern California
Research Interests: Contemporary European cinema, immigrant representation, independent cinema, art cinema.

Dickson Hall; (973) 655-4274; (973) 655-7030;
Photo of Professor Nyiri Zsolt Nyiri
Assistant Professor, Political Science and Law
Ph.D., University Connecticut
Research Interests: European Politics, Public Opinion, Transatlantic Relations, Public Diplomacy, Muslims in the West, Global Governance

Dickson Hall; (973) 655-4238;
 Sangeeta Parashar headshot Sangeeta Parashar
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
Ph.D. (Sociology), University of Maryland, College Park
Research Interests: Social Demography; Development/Globalization; Gender, Health and Population Policy; Methods

310 Dickson Hall; (973) 655-7168;
Tony Spanakos headshot Tony Spanakos
Chair, Political Science & Law
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Research Interests: Brazil, Venezuela, BRICS, Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Populism, Democratization, Security, Foreign Policies of Developing Countries, Political Theory

Dickson Hall; (973) 655-7575;
Neeraj Vedwan headshot

Neeraj Vedwan
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
PhD, University of Georgia; BA: National Dairy Research Institute (India)
Office: 141 Dickson Hall; (973) 655-7503;

 Yong Wang headshot Yong Wang
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
Ph. D. (Sociology), Iowa State University
Research Interests: Theory; Cultural Sociology; Text Analysis; Statistics
311 Dickson Hall; (973) 655-7170;