Joan Bachenko, Deception Discovery Technologies

Leslie Barrett, LBTech Consulting

Scott Bennett, Translation Technologies

Roy Byrd, Manager, Text Analysis and Language Engineering Project, IBM Research, Textract, Nominator

Jill Burstein and Derrick Higgins, Research Division, Educational Testing Service, e-rater

Carole Chaski, Founder and Executive Director, Institute for Linguistic Evidence

Terrence Wiley, President, Center for Applied Linguistics

Robert French, Assessment Division, Educational Testing Service, LSAT

Testing Melissa Holland and Michelle Vanni, Army Research Labs, Validation of MT Evaluation Metrics Across Languages

Cheri Quinlan, Coordinator of World Languages and International Education, NJ Dept of Education, World Languages

Marian Macchi, Co-Founder E-Speech

Wendalyn Nichols, Commissioning Editor Cambridge University Press, English Dictionary Making in America Today

Evelyne Tzoukermann, Director of Research, StreamSage Inc.