Medieval and Early Modern Studies Seminar

Montclair State's interdisciplinary Medieval and Early Modern Studies Seminar is co-convened by the Departments of History, Modern Languages and Literatures, Classics and General Humanities, and English. The seminar brings together interested faculty and graduate students from across the university to hear and discuss new and ongoing research in the fields of medieval and early modern studies. Our monthly speakers during the academic year include faculty from within MSU and outside scholars. All are warmly welcome.


Upcoming Speakers


Markus Cruse (Arizona State University)



“Marco Polo and the Global Middle Ages

Wednesday, March 22nd, 4-5:30 p.m.
Schmitt Hall, Room 104

Mark Cruse received his PhD from New York University and is Associate Professor and Head of the French and Italian Faculty in the School of International Letters and Cultures at Arizona State University. His publications cover topics including medieval theater manuscripts, ivory writing tablets, heraldry, the senses in medieval culture, the Louvre of Charles V, and Haitian literature. His first book was a study of an illuminated copy of the Old French Romance of Alexander. His current book project focuses on the Old French manuscripts of Marco Polo's description of the world.

Seminar conveners: Alison Beringer (Classics and General Humanities), Raul Galoppe (Spanish and Italian), Kathleen Loysen (Modern Languages and Literatures), Jeffrey Alan Miller (English), Megan Moran (History), and Adam Rzepka (English).