Medieval and Early Modern Studies Seminar

Montclair State's interdisciplinary Medieval and Early Modern Studies Seminar is co-convened by the Departments of History, Modern Languages and Literatures, Classics and General Humanities, Philosophy, and English. The seminar brings together interested faculty and graduate students from across the university and the region to consider new research in the fields of medieval and early modern studies. All are warmly welcome.


Upcoming Speakers


Meghan Robison (Montclair State University)


Bartholomeus van der Helst, The Celebration of the Peace of Münster (1648)


Moving Limbs: On the Movement of Life in Hobbes' Leviathan 

Wednesday, October 11th, 4-5:30 p.m.
Center for Environmental and Life Sciences (CELS), Room 110

Meghan Robison is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Montclair State University. She received her PhD from The New School for Social Research in 2016. Her work mainly focuses on political philosophy, early modern philosophy, and aesthetics. She is currently at work on a book on Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan which offers an original reading of the exit from the State of Nature by reexamining the role of Hobbes’ conception of life as “a motion of limbs,” and its connection to the contracts that form the basis of the Commonwealth. Her talk will be drawn from this work.