Teaching Italian Meeting III - Technology: Getting with the Program

Sponsored by: The Coccia Institute for the Italian Experience in America AND The Department of Spanish and Italian at Montclair State University




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Friday, October 15, 2010
8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Montclair State University
University Hall
7th Floor Conference Center & Lecture Halls

Elementary, high school, and college instructors participating in this annual symposium will be engagedā€ƒin both methodological discussions and hands-on design to create pedagogically sound instructional materials using a myriad of technological tools to enhance language learning:
  • Explore technological tools (e.g., YouTube videos, blogs, voice tools, online exercises, etc.)
  • Examine and critique various design models
  • Investigate different strategies and approaches
  • Create your own series of materials for immediate classroom use


Specialists in Instructional Technology in Foreign Language Teaching include:

  • Julia Cozzarelli                         Ithaca College
  • Chiara Dal Martello                 Arizona State University
  • Michael Heller                         Montclair State University
  • Rina Miraglia                           Ho-Ho-Kus Public School
  • James Pfrehm                          Ithaca College

Seven (7) Professional Development Credit Hours will be awarded

REGISTRATION FEE (includes Breakfast, Luncheon, and Parking):
for teachers, $25 for prospective teachers of Italian

Please visit https://surveys.montclair.edu/survey/entry.jsp?id=1275594588117

Please contact Marlena Padula at 973.655.7977 or padulam@mail.montclair.edu

Each participant will have the opportunity to attend two of the four workshops being conducted by our presenters, Julia Cozzarelli with James Pfrehm, Chiara Dal Martello, Michael Heller, and Rina Miraglia.  They have provided us with brief descriptions of their workshops which you should prove helpful in deciding among these four excellent alternatives.

Workshop #1: Julia Cozzarelli and James Pfrehm, Ithaca College - Using Video, Music, and Film to Enhance the Italian Language Learning Experience
The workshop will include demonstrations on the use of film clips, music, video, and other visual and auditory cues to create a variety of student-driven activities for both in- and out-of-class assignments. It will encompass activities for all levels of instruction while taking into account the varying levels of technological resources available. The session will not only review tools such as textbook web resources, CDs and YouTube, that are easily utilized by faculty at all levels of technological ability, but also Web 2.0 technologies, such as blogs and voice threads, for those with a higher level of expertise. Participants will have the opportunity to set up their own voice threads and blogs during the session.

Workshop #2: Chiara Dal Martello, Arizona State University - Creating a Content-Based Curriculum with Technology
The criteria behind creating a content-based curriculum with technology will be presented with examples:
* Use technology as much as possible to make different resources available to students and also to provide them with opportunities to communicate outside of class.
* Use technology to make language courses more available to students in a large, urban campus who might not otherwise study a second language (hybrid courses).
* Use local cultural resources such as the opera, theatre, and art exhibits as much as possible.
* Professors, lecturers and part-time teachers work together to bring different areas of expertise to the curriculum.
Instructors will then have the opportunity to create an example of activity for their classes.

Workshop #3: Michael Heller, Montclair State University - Social Networking Tools: Now What? Using Them in the Classroom and Beyond
This participant-centered workshop allows participants to begin thinking about their own instructional materials using some of the social networking tools discussed in the morning session. By looking at selected examples from other educators, participants will explore Web 2.0 tools including Twitter and twitter add-ons (audio, pictures, videos, polls), blogs (WordPress, Blogger/Blogspot or Posterous), and wikis (WikiSpaces). Assessment of students using these tools will be looked at briefly, followed by small group discussions on meaningful activities employing some or all of these Web 2.0 tools that can be used in the classroom and beyond. The workshop will conclude with each small group presenting their activities to the other workshop participants.

Workshop #4: Rina Miraglia, Ho-Ho-Kus Public School - A Byte of Technology
Teachers will be exposed to various technological activities using software (SMART Notebook, iMovie, Movie Maker, etc.) and internet sites that will support the Italian class. The participants will learn how to create interactive activities that can be used to help create and/or enhance their lessons for the classroom and home. Specific examples will be provided that are based on units of study of the Italian language and culture. The activities are applicable to all levels of study (beginning to advanced).